Washington Hospital’s CEO once again tops salary list

Our newspaper group published a 2009 public employee salary roundup today. Once again Washington Hospital CEO Nancy Farber topped the list.  She made more than $800,000 again last year.

Regarding last week’s discussion about whether Fremont should contract out its fire services to the Alameda County Fire Department, the story notes that county fire department employees (both sworn and non-sworn) had the highest salaries in the survey.

The Alameda County Fire Department, which is a special district governed by the board of supervisors that maintains its own payroll system, had the highest average salary of the 109 entities: Its 311 full-time employees averaged $144,345.23 in 2009.

To read the entire story, click here.

Matt Artz


  1. This topic circulated back in August 2009 –


    A whole truckload of creative ideas came out of that thread – – but, the forget all that stuff about local papers running an article on Hospital CEO pay “comps” – – that’s too difficult.

    Post #14 in the aforementioned dialogue included another rather simple suggestion – I (and at least one other “regular” to this list) felt it had merit at that time, and I think it still does. . . . Anyone with half-a-dose of scripting skills could hack this out in 10 minutes – – –

    (Repeated from the August 30th post – )

    Matt Artz –

    A suggestion that I think would benefit the BLOG would be to expand on the number of allowed “RECENT COMMENTS” – which is (randomly) set at 4 right now.

    The impact of this is that comments on any one topic can readilly get buried by just a few responses to another related topic . . . . There’s plenty of room on the page in that left hand column – I’d suggest to your sysadmin or webmaster that you expand the number to maybe 10 ( like the “RECENT POSTS” summary).

    We’re still stuck at 4.

  2. Dear Cathy:

    I am resident of Fremont, I have an specific question for you: How many people are in City Council of Fremont?

    Where can I find the listing?

    Who approved to sell the parcel of land 6.6 acres for $1.00? Who votes for it and what company bought it?

    I can not believe our representatives can take this kind of actions, there has to be some money under the table.

    Jorge Barrera

  3. A. McGlone authors a bit of news on the WTHS front this morning. Would be swell to get this added to the TCB.
    Seems our Ms. Farber is all tee’d up for another in a continuing series of very nice salary increase(s).


    Fremont residents need to continue to think about and ask is the original question I’ve been posing for years – “What do Fremont taxpayers receive in return for their continuing financial support of this institution which otherWTHS patients do NOT receive?”

    Remember – unlike many (most?) healthcare institutions WTHS enjoys the support of Fremont taxpayers who kick in a heckuva big bundle of cash to help this one out. As patients we also kick in the same premiums and deductables we would at any other institution.

    It’s a benefit that most hospitals can’t count on to help improve their financials. At the end of the day, I can’t help but wonder how Farber’s performance evaluation would look if she was placed on an even footing with most other institutions if this very significant community benevolence were to be removed from her balance sheet.

    So – the question remains, What do we as taxpayers receive back in return for our continued benevolence to this institution?

    And, when you read these annual salary reviews you could add – Does the tax base that Fremontians contribute to WTHS help or hinder their performance when compared to other institutions? How do the measures of WTHS performance effect Ms. Farbers personal performance evaluation and income?

  4. WTH is suppose to be a Community Hospital, it has such a bad name that when workers at Tesla were injured they took them to Valley Medical more then twice as far.
    The County refuses to use WTH, when you get shot in Fremont you go to Eden Hospital in Castro Valley, Why, because the Alameda County does not want a damned thing to do with WTH.
    Normally I would be really upset, but I belong to Fremont Kaiser’s four star hospital and clinic.
    As a taxpayer who’s taxes support Ms. Farbers salary, I protest.

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