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fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:

A woman gets off BART at the Fremont station and notices two young women following her onto Walnut Avenue. They knock her to the ground, and take her purse, phone and computer. The thieves run back to BART, get on a train that waiting on a platform and soon find themselves staring up at a Fremont cop. The young women are sent to Juvy and the victim gets her stuff back.

Two cops head over to Ross Common near the Hub shopping center to investigate a reported battery. After the officers arrives, one of the suspects tried to flee in a car, but drove right into an empty Fremont Police patrol car. Officers arrest the driver at Fremont Boulevard and Mission View, for hit and run and DUI.

A drunk man decided to return a broken bottle of booze to Raley’s. The supermarket refuses to serve the man, who promptly walks outside, falls down and loses his prosthetic leg. Police took him to Santa Rita.

From the wire:
KGO story on parent art volunteers in Fremont schools.

Associated Press story on Fremont “roller coaster ride.” I’m curious what people think of this one. It didn’t ring true to me. It made it seem like Fremont was a company town and the Fremont losing NUMMI would be akin to Rochester, NY losing Kodak. Sorry for the obscure northeast example.

Also the the city employee furloughs, increased class sizes and plummeting home prices mentioned in the story is true of almost every city in the country and is less pronounced in Fremont than many other Bay Area cities.

Matt Artz


  1. The AP article is stunningly badly written, full of opinionated word choices. It reads like a political hit piece.

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