Council Meeting Diary

7:05 — No surprise that Wieckowski is not here tonight. we’re 55 minutes from getting the absentee returns. A resident is telling the council that she doesn’t want a new skatepark that is planned to go adjacent to the waterpark. She lives nearby and says the park could result in more petty theft. She says none of her neighbors knew anything about the park, which means none of them get The Argus, because we did a story about it.

7:09 — Those jerks. They’re  going to postpone the Climate Action Plan debate to later this month when Wieckowski will be here and they will have lots of time for discussion. Ugh.

7:10 — Fremont has a new budget and a nearly empty council chambers. All of the department heads have left the building. The mayor says the council has never heard from the public about the budget, but I seem to remember a couple of speakers last year. Anyway the budget is a done deal.

7:20 — Interstate 880 will soon get a new electronic sign. It’ll promote dealers at the Auto Mall.

7:25 — The council is poised to approve the federal grant to study what to do with NUMMI site and nearby land. Councilmember Natarajan wants to make sure there’s public input. Councilmember Chan wants to make sure that the city is talking with Toyota and Tesla. Conversations are happening, city officials respond.

The city expects to award the consulting contracts in July and get the analyses completed by March, 2011.

Councilmember Harrison also wants community input. He wants the community to weigh in earlier than later. He calls the Tesla announcement a game changer … says we’re treading in untreaded waters. Wasserman doesn’t have much to say. Council approves the study. Three of the council members will probably now head to Wieckowski’s party at Massimo’s. Another will likely go to Garrett Yee’s shindig in Centerville. And I’ll go back to Argus headquarters to monitor returns and watch the Celtics-Lakers game online.

Matt Artz