Teens like their sleep

SleepTonight, a parent spoke at the Fremont school board meeting, urging trustees to reconsider their decision not start high schools later in the day. The board had initially decided to have first period start later, based on support from a community survey and medical research that shows teens biologically are wired to wake later. But after learning that the change would increase the district’s transportation costs by $103,200, the board decided not to go forward with the plan.

Shortly after the parent spoke tonight, I came across an article about new research regarding sleep-deprived teens who start school earlier and increased car crashes. The article noted:

” “This study did not prove by any means that early high school start times led to increased rates of car crashes,” instead it shows an association between early risers and car crashes, said Robert Vorona, a sleep doctor at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia. “


image from tapasparida’s site at flickr.com.

Linh Tat