A few more election tidbits

There’s a wrap story in Thursday’s paper about the Wieckowski/Yee election.

Have mercy, we’re almost done with our election coverage. I’ll probably do a winners/losers post and also look at likely candidates for a council appointment in the coming days.

But first a few things that didn’t make it into print in today’s election story.

1) Those negative mailers about the insurance industry really hurt Yee, especially the skunks. Yee said when he was going door-to-door, cited voters cited the mailers for refusing to vote for him. “People were looking at me like I’m evil,” he said.

2) The Democratic Party here has some wounds to heal. Yee didn’t think it was right for the party to running attack ads against him — a fellow Democrat. I asked him how the Democrats can mend fences, he didn’t really have an answer other than to tell me to ask Wieckowski the same question.

Wieckowski said he’ll be inclusive. “It’s sort of like Hilary and Obama people,” he said. “It can take some time. This is the day after.” He also praised Yee for bringing people into the Democratic Party, but it’ll be interesting to see if those folks — and given the awful turnout there weren’t really that many of them — stay with the party or now feel more alienated from it.

3) Wieckowski is staying on the council, and might revisit the plastic grocery bag ban, depending on what happens with the statewide ban legislation. I’ve got my totes ready to go.

Matt Artz


  1. It’s not like Hilary and Obama because Yee didn’t sink to the lows that his opponent did. I really think that if BW had simply pointed folks to the summary of supporters and dollars page, he would have made the same point. Both candidates had strong backing from special interests. It didn’t sway the Yee voters away so much as make it REALLY hard to vote for BW. But in the end, if you were in a Union or worried about medical insurance, or a party line Demo, you were going to go with BW. If you were anti-union, heavy on small business needs, more moderate, or maybe just wanting some Asian community input, you went with Yee. The Hispanic target group was probably split because BW has wooed them for many years, but Yee is married to a wonderful Hispanic woman.

  2. The Democratic Party as a whole has moved far enough to the right that Yee, a former Republican, fits in. However, in this area, a more traditional Democrat, Wieckowski, is a better fit to the population. Wieckowski also ran a strong campaign. I received one call about Yee, but several Wieckowski calls and at least two door-to-door visits.

    So congrats to Bob for winning and Yee for proving that he can get tons of votes. I don’t think he’s going away.

  3. I think Ivy Wu’s and Lilly Mei’s recent actions on the School Board illustrate the inherent problem with trying to mend the fence between Wieckowski and Yee supporters. Wieckowski and his supporters are hard-left, progressives that fight for social rights. Yee supporters, primarily based around the East Asian community, are by far way more traditional in their social values. If the CBC starts promoting more progressives for office then those progressives would welcome in the Democratic Party. Right now I don’t see that happening. They’re all too indebted to John Dutra.

  4. “It’s sort of like Hilary and Obama people,”

    That is funny. And, Gerry Brown was on KGO this morning drawing parallels with Lincoln and Douglas. He must have said “Lincoln-Douglas” half a dozen times.

  5. “Yee didn’t think it was right for the party to [be] running attack ads against him — a fellow Democrat.”

    But it’s okay if Republicans run attack ads against each other?

    (Whitman-Poizner, Campbell-Fiorina)

  6. I find it hard to believe that Fremont is a progressive hotbed of social services. Berkeley is a social service mecca, but not Fremont.

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