A few more election tidbits

There’s a wrap story in Thursday’s paper about the Wieckowski/Yee election.

Have mercy, we’re almost done with our election coverage. I’ll probably do a winners/losers post and also look at likely candidates for a council appointment in the coming days.

But first a few things that didn’t make it into print in today’s election story.

1) Those negative mailers about the insurance industry really hurt Yee, especially the skunks. Yee said when he was going door-to-door, cited voters cited the mailers for refusing to vote for him. “People were looking at me like I’m evil,” he said.

2) The Democratic Party here has some wounds to heal. Yee didn’t think it was right for the party to running attack ads against him — a fellow Democrat. I asked him how the Democrats can mend fences, he didn’t really have an answer other than to tell me to ask Wieckowski the same question.

Wieckowski said he’ll be inclusive. “It’s sort of like Hilary and Obama people,” he said. “It can take some time. This is the day after.” He also praised Yee for bringing people into the Democratic Party, but it’ll be interesting to see if those folks — and given the awful turnout there weren’t really that many of them — stay with the party or now feel more alienated from it.

3) Wieckowski is staying on the council, and might revisit the plastic grocery bag ban, depending on what happens with the statewide ban legislation. I’ve got my totes ready to go.

Matt Artz