Election Winners and Losers

Only one more election-related post after this.


Bob Wieckowski — He gets to go Sacramento for six years in the Assembly and hope his law practice doesn’t disintegrate. He ran an odd campaign in that he wasn’t really heard from. There was no audio of him speaking on his website, YouTube or even on his own commercial, but he campaigned hard and he won.

The Democratic Party — They needed this after losing City Council races in Newark and Fremont the past three years. Fremont is complicated terrain for them. In Berkeley, the party is the only political force capable of mounting a successful Assembly campaign. That’s why when longtime Berkeley Assemblyman and current Mayor Tom Bates got termed out, his replacements were his top deputy, followed by his wife, followed by his good friend.

Fremont is different because there is a constellation of political forces — John Dutra, Citizens for Better Community, Washington Hospital/Fremont Bank — that aren’t fully integrated into the Democratic establishment and can join forces to challenge it, even for an expensive contest like Assembly.

The Planning Commission — I can think of three members who’ll be on the short list if/when the council appoints Wieckowski’s replacement. And two more members who’ll want to be on the short list. I’ll go through those names shortly.

Jim Navarro — The Union City council member supported Wieckowski. He might not need much help to be elected Union City’s first Filipino mayor in two years, but this doesn’t hurt.

Labor — They get a reliable vote for six years


Garrett Yee — If Yee hadn’t challenged Wieckowski, he would have had a much better chance of being appointed to replace him on the City Council. Now the Democratic establishment is furious with him, and he’ll probably be asked to run for re-election to Ohlone if nothing else to help keep Republican Bob Brunton from getting back on the board.

John Dutra — He urged Yee to run. Dutra has played spoiler to the Democrats ever since he lost the the 2006 State Senate primary to Ellen Corbett. But the Democrats made it easy for him by backing candidates who were less likely to win than those Dutra supported. This time the party prevailed.

Bob Livengood — The Milpitas Mayor dropped out of the race and endorsed Yee. That won’t help his cause to move up in the world after more than 30 years on the Milpitas City Council.

Citizens for Better Community — The mostly Chinese -American social service/political organization still has one member on the City Council and two members on the School Board. That’s impressive, but  they weren’t able to get their strongest candidate/member into the State Assembly.

Matt Artz

  • MikeTeeVee

    First Yee assumes Bob will win the general election. Now Matt assumes Bob will win that one, plus two more terms.

  • twain_harte

    Yeah! Silent Bob…didn’t even have a website for his assembly campaign. A lot of Silicon Valley types should have noticed that…our Fremont MIA voters. All the technology jobs Bob said he brought to the Fremont and no website for the election?Maybe Bob can get some lessons from Obama on how to build a website next time he runs.

  • Jon Simon

    The nastiness is, as usual, disconnected from reality. Maybe Twain was just being sarcastic?


  • MassCommAddict

    Bob has/had a campaign website and a facebook page…maybe you just spelled his name wrong when you googled it!