Matt Artz


  1. For a Torrico who is termed out, I think a run for AG was irrationally optimistic.

    But who knows? Maybe Torrico thinks he’s just like Robert Kennedy in the company of the modern day Abe Lincoln (Gerry Brown) and our own local Barack Obama (Wieckowski).

  2. For Torrico to comment on the BW & GY race just goes to show how far out of touch he was with his own campaign. He and his own staff spent way more time trying to get BW into office than working for himself.

    The guy could’t even carry his own county of Alameda. Kamala Harris trounced him by a wide margin. I bet he even lost in his own city of Newark.

    P.S. When taking down opposing campaign signs in citys, make sure your supporters don’t have your bumper sticker on thier car.

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