Potential appointees to the City Council

Here’s the top five candidates as I see it:

Dirk Lorenz — Dirk would make history as the first Fremont councilman to have seen Cher live in concert. He’s a Planning Commissioner and Fremont native, who could get four votes. Potential pitfall is his stake in a diner on city-owned land; the fact that he’s a Republican; and that he didn’t get appointed last time around right after he had nearly been elected to the council.

David Bonaccorsi — Planning Commissioner, Fremont native, active with the schools and a lawyer to many, including Mr. Dutra. Only downside is that his name is harder to spell than his would-be predecessor’s.

Yogi Chugh — Planning Commissioner, who has worked to support Democratic candidates around town. Another name I’ve botched in the past.

Nina Moore — Former School Board member, chamber leader, who could also get four votes. (But she told me on Thursday that she’s not interested.)

Ishan Shah — Haha. Just kidding. There are only four top candidates. But it doesn’t matter since Ishan is taking it to the house in November.

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Longer shots:

Rakesh Sharma — A planning commissioner who’s run for council before

Lisa Quan — Now in her second year as planning commissioner. Hard to believe.

Trisha Tahmasbi — Her star is still in ascension.

Garrett Yee — I don’t see it after challenging Wieckowski.

Long, Long Long shots

Henry Yin — I think he’s working for the feds or the state or something. He’d have to give up his new gig.

Larry Sweeney — I’ve talked to the school board member twice and both times he struck me as someone who’s very political and politically ambitious. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to sit on the council, but I think he’ll have to win a seat the old fashioned way.

Tony Dutra — What’s a Fremont City Council list without at least one Dutra on it.

Cyndy Mozzetti — She’s Fremont’s longest ever serving planning commissioner, and as a council member she could push for the re-opening of her family’s old joint: Joe’s Corner.

Raj Salwan — The veterinarian and son of a veterinarian/major Hayward property owner networks like he’s interested in running for council, but not yet.

Vinnie Bacon — If I’m Vinnie, I make nice with the mayor and write a friendly letter expressing my interest in Richard King’s now vacant Planning Commission seat. He’ll never get it with the election coming up, but it could position him to have a real chance for the appointment if he finishes a strong third in November and the council appoints a planning commissioner to Wieckowski’s seat. It would be somewhat similar to Dirk Lorenz’s situation in 2004/2005.

Matt Artz


  1. I’d expect Moore or Bonaccorsi. Both are worthy. Tahmasbi is probably the third most likely, if the Democratic party works hard to push their rising star. Sweeney is a bit too right-leaning for the board.

  2. well two i went to high school with Dirk and Dave…we used to call Dave Bono before there was a Bono

  3. Jon, at first thought I thought you were out of your mind putting Tahmasbi in your top 3. But in lieu of Bacon approaching the council hat in hand, I think there’s a strong chance of her being appointed.

  4. Bonaccorsi (and family) supported Bob Wieckowski a great deal. I wonder if it was uncomfortable for Greg Bonaccorsi who sits on the Ohlone Board with Yee.

  5. well from what I know Dirk is a good guy with bad judgement and Nina Moore is just bad all around. Jeeze we need hostile takeover in Fremont. Storm the council chambers and throw the bums out.

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