Fremont Citizens Network endorses “Dynamic Duo”

FCN sent me — and all the major networks — a press release announcing that it will be supporting Vinnie Bacon and Kathy R. McDonald for Fremont City Council in November.

Neither candidate will accept money from developers. Both provided prepared statements for FCN’s endorsement press release. Read it here.

Matt Artz


  1. “The time has come for Fremont to have a City Council that is courageous, insightful, visionary, and unbiased, instead of picking from the same old guard over and over again.”

    I am supporting Vinnie Bacon, who has a Masters Degree in City planning and a Masters Degree in Traffic .
    We need knowledgeable people to help guide Fremont through these trying times.

  2. I got a flyer from McDonald on my front door. Frankly, I don’t think she has a clue about the California redevelopment law, and how it distributes funds. McDonald opposes raising the existing redevelopment cap on the premise that limits on redevelopment funds would increase general fund revenues. That could happen, but it would also mean that a greater share of Fremont’s property tax revenues would be shared with the county, the state, and other jurisdictions.

    Yes, it means less money available for a ballpark, but it also means less money coming into Fremont for other uses. Keep in mind that redevelopment funds invested within redevelopment districts can free up general fund revenues to be used in other parts of the city.

  3. McDonald is well intentioned, but try asking her a tough question–she gets her facts wrong and then repeats them as if that will make them right. She is esp. in over her head when you ask her about the redevelopment fund, though I have heard people very patiently try to explain it to her. She has some very astute people in the group she worked with to stop the A’s, but she isn’t the deep thinker in the crowd! I am surprised they are supporting her candidacy. Vinnie’s makes more sense from their perspective, maybe they just want her to be the second vote on the city council and hope she won’t try to think for herself!

  4. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at how redevelopment affects the flow of property tax dollars, and would be interested in hearing the specific points on which Woochifer and Anon2 think McDonald is wrong, because I don’t think she is. I can’t think of a single instance in which Fremont redevelopment funds free up General Fund dollars – can they point to one?

  5. Mcdonald and Bacon both have the Fremont taxpayer’s interest at hand. They are not back pocket puppets to developers or special interest. They got my vote.

  6. Hey ISHAN . . . . wanna explain thefull breadth of RDA funding and economics to the rest of us ?

    (Didn’t think so)

    – and BTW – I wouldn’t be too proud of the economic comprehension as demonstrated by current council members – – we’ve missed by a pretty wide margin on a couple of pretty major issues . . . . you know – like when we lobbied for a Utility Tax one minute and the next declared a bit of an “unexpected” surplus ! ?

    So – while the Wasserman “yessirree” gang might have majored in RDA economics 101, 102 and 103 – – they clearly failed in common sense 101.

    You know – simple things – like figuring out how to bill a residential false alarm, and make money doing so.

  7. Boy am I glad to see this! For all of us in Fremont (got to be more than 90% by now) who are fed up with the current city council, this is a big win. Lets show them at the polls in November, that we mean it when we say we’ve had enough. These two candidates are people I can see really making a positive difference for Fremont. You’ve got my vote for sure. Thank you for giving us a decent choice at the polls for a change!!!

  8. Woochifer and Anon2, Kathy McDonald is very knowledgeable on the subject of the Redevelopment Fund and also has the benefit of supporters who have specialized in this arcane area of civic funding. Taken together, they have probably forgotten more than all but a small percentage of the populace have ever known about redevelopment funding. To date, I have never heard or seen any statement by her or her campaign that was proven to be factually incorrect on this subject. You are both, of course, fully entitled to your own opinions. You are not, however, entitled to your own facts.

    Yes, it is my understanding that Ms. McDonald opposes raising the redevelopment cap, precisely because it would mean less money coming into Fremont for other uses, primarily for local schools. It is my personal hope that the election of Ms. McDonald would bring to Fremont a more open, productive and realistic relationship between the members of the City Council and the School Board, who have been locked in some kind of antediluvian cold war for far too long.

    I can assure you that Ms. McDonald is a bright, independent person who would never go to all of the trouble and expense involved in running for local office merely to be some kind of puppet “second vote”. And, by the way, why is the female candidate presumed to be less informed and not equally qualified?

  9. Sorry, I support lots of female candidates and would love to see more of them, so please don’t assume that that is behind my comments.

    Also, it is wrong of me to post anonymously, if I’m going to say things about Ms. McDonald, but since she and I run in the same circles, I don’t want to make it uncomfortable for our mutual aquaintances. Really, she is a very nice person, just doesn’t get things.

    Hopefully someone will invite her to debate, and then it will all be clear anyway.

  10. Actually, I hate being anon2, so I’m going to retract what I’ve been saying about Cathy. Maybe she is just ‘getting up to speed’ and I am being too hard on her.

    I get my impressions about different politicians from watching the different city, community college and school board meetings. However, there is a lot more to these topics than what we can hear in a few minutes, and a lot of misinformation spread by well intentioned folks who get up to speak and don’t always know the whole story.

    Interestingly, it has been pretty easy to drop an email, or visit a facebook page, or even call our local politicians and hear their opinions in more detail. Then it’s a bit easier to separate truth from fiction. I find people I absolutely disagreed with have often presented some interesting points of view that have made me rethink and justify or even abandon my own.

    So I will hold off and wait to see what Ms. McDonald actually says over the next few months, maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. Vinnie, btw, already has my vote.

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