Fremont News of the Day

usa2This post is coming live from Paddy’s in Union City where the U.S. just tied the score 2-2 with Slovenia. 

This story is about as exciting as an MLS regular season game. It’s about playgrounds in Fremont.

Tesla wants to open NUMMI in 2011

International soccer is a scam.  Slovenian gangsters must have bribed the referee from Mali. He just screwed the U.S. out of a potential game winning goal. Disgraceful

Teachers of the year

This story is about Fremont, Neb., but it’s interesting.

I’m still at Paddy’s, where they’ve got the glossy weekend edition of the Tri-City Voice. On the cover is a photo of Bob Wasserman with the caption “Sensory Delight.” I might need to get that one autographed at the next City Council meeting.

Matt Artz