Matt Artz


  1. Oh man – when I saw the pictures of the shack, I thought “this has to be a joke”. Unbelievable!
    I remember Figueroa used to have an office across from the Mission, must have been a long commute.

  2. Oh I’m so sad! I vote for her! If she truly didn’t ‘get it’ I still would not want a person that ignorant to be legislating, which requires a basic understanding of rules and regulations. :<

  3. Good to read some honest investigative journalism finally.

    Most Politicians know that the general public\voters are a bit lazy and won’t do thier own fact checking. They base thier votes on the info that comes out from the candidate or the mudslinging from the opposing candidate. Hence- AD 20 recently.

    Politicians don’t care until their caught.


  4. A shame when a couple of phone calls and a quick drive out to Sunol garners kudos for “investigative journalism” – but Baller15 is right – it’s nice to see media exposing the shenanigans of those who seek the support of electorate.

    Here’s an idea on some follow up that would be swell and you could tie in a dose of local interest, you know – – find out reactions of those that endorsed Liz – .

    Hers is, after all, a very distinguished list of individuals that, I am certain, would not have offered an endorsement casually.

    Wasserman, Wieckowski, “Ana” Natarjan, Harrison, and Chan – to name a few.

    Can’t help but wonder what they’d make of this minor debacle.

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