Fremont teachers negotiate one-year contract

The Fremont school district and teachers union have reached a tentative one-year agreement on concessions to help the district balance its 2010-11 budget. The district is facing a $16.2 million deficit.

Highlights include:

  • K-3 class sizes jumping from 20 students to 28.  
  • Restoring elementary science, music and physical education to 50 percent. 
  • Six unpaid furlough days, equivalent to a 3.21 percent pay cut. Teachers would teach three fewer days and not work three noninstructional days. 
  • A 3.21 percent pay cut for substitute, adult school and preschool teachers, with a similar reduction in stipends for coaches and advisers of clubs and other extracurriculars. 
  • An optional spring open house, voted on by the faculty at each school site.

Before this week’s tentative agreement, the teachers union distributed a flier to parents, comparing the union’s proposal to that of the district’s as of mid-June. Steve Betando, FUSD’s assistant superintendent of human resources, would neither confirm nor deny whether the information from the union was accurate. But according to the flier, here’s what the two sides had proposed:

Teachers Association’s Proposal:

  • 6 furlough days
  • 24:1 Class sizes in K-3
  • 80% maintenance of elementary specialists (PE, science, music, computers)
  • 7-12 class size maximums

District’s Proposal:

  • 9 furlough days
  • 3.5% salary reduction (in addition to furlough days)
  • 30:1 class sizes in K-3
  • 20% maintenance of elementary specialists
  • 7-12 class size “goals” – larger than current contract

Linh Tat