Fremont 4th of July parade once again at risk

The Fremont 4th of July Parade, which has been teetering on the precipice of insolvency for two years might go under  this year.

Organizers thought they would be in better shape this year because they were carrying over $10k from last year’s Warm Springs parade and, more importantly, because this year’s parade is in the Mission, which is home to a lot of moolah.

But apparently Mission folks would rather spend their money on tutors and academic enrichment camps. Organizers have only raised $14,000 this year, more than half of which was contributed by home builder Mark Robson. Parade organizers are $13,000 in the hole

To help get them out of that hole, click here.

This year’s parade will go one  on, but if organizers can’t meet their expenses this year and build up a next egg for Irvington next year, all bets are off for 2011.

Meanwhile, they’re already cutting back on this year’s parade. Instead of three giant helium balloons there will only be one. And there won’t be any post parade party. On the bright side, TV personality Spencer Christian will be the Grand Marshall. I remember Spencer as both a weatherman and sports anchor from WABC-7 in New York. I also have a vague memory of him filming and reporting on his own hair replacement surgery. I’ll have to ask him about that.

Here he is in 1978

Matt Artz


  1. It’s fitting that this will die in the Mission district. Most prospects for entertainment usually do.

  2. Hey Matt,

    Be a responsible journalist and not try to create the rich vs poor divide by making comments about money. You know a lot of Mission area residents are middle class with both working parents who are just trying to pay their mortgages and stay float in these tough economic times. Some residents have lost their good paying jobs and not earning the same kind of income as before. Why don’t you ask Robson Homes and other developers to sponsor the whole parade.They are making a ton of money by advertising about Mission Schools and selling their homes at a premium. Do you know the same developers contributed very little to the Fremont School District until now.

    Can you ask the developers to contribute for the Save the Fremont Students campaign.

  3. “This year’s parade will go one, but if organizers can’t meet their expenses this year and build up a next egg for Irvington next year, all bets are off for 2011”

    Should read “parade will go *on*” and “build up a *nest* egg”

  4. I was there today. Spencer C didnt show up, there were 3 chinese dragons, sikhs handing out water with labels explaining who they are, the Taiwan beauty queen winner, more asian straw hats than I could could.
    Yeah, happy fourth everyone.
    Diversity is another name for goodbye Americans and hello others with foreign agendas.

  5. whoa ho hoaahh.. Radar Love. If it wasn’t for them and the Renegades Marching band would we have had a parade?

    As for “foriegn agendas” there isn’t a group in town with a bigger on than your U.S. Government which is spending any of your tax dollars that it doesn’t give to multi-national banks in the middle east fighting WHO?. I don’t think it’s the Sikhs fault that our standard of living has steadily gong down since we first invaded Afghanistan nearly ten years ago.
    I might put part of the blame on Spencer C. though which might be why he didn’t show up.
    Just curious? Did he still get Paid?

  6. I believe someone’s xenophobia is showing.

    Isn’t that what the 4th of July is all about? Freedom of expression, even if that is different from yours? It seems like those who made the effort to participate are the ones who appreciate the holiday.

    Would someone care to provide a physical description of a Real American?

  7. Was the attendance high?

    My thoughts are that this type of event is not compatible with the Mission district. If the parade were to continue, I think a better system would have the parade rotate between Centerville and Niles, or just park it in Centerville.

  8. It was MASSIVELY attended Marty. Huge crowd. At least on Ellsworth there was.

  9. it was a huuuuuuuuge crowd. fremont police pulled one of the mustang drivers out of the parade and gave her a ticket…

  10. Just out of curiosity, were the Minutemen in the parade this year?

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