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fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:
A police officer stopped three males in the vicinity of Trinity and Sundale. They say they’re all juvys, but it turns out they weren’t. One male had bullets in his pockets. The officer found a Colt revolver near a car where the males had stopped. One of the males admits he’s an adult and confesses to helping the juvy dump his gun prior to getting stopped by the officer.

Fremont police respond to a verified burglary at a dentist’s office in Centerville on Sunday. They arrive to find the door kicked open and a man inside, who had stolen $10 cash and some candy.

Also on Sunday, a party on the 4200 block of Central got a little rowdy. An argument, let to a stabbing, which led to officers and detectives being dispatched to the home, where the suspected stabber was arrested.

From the wire:
10-year-old gets revenge on litterers.

Still no fireworks permitted in Fremont

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  1. what happened on Peralta yesterday with about 10 marked police vehicles and decetives around 1:30PM

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