Pete Stark jousts with the minutemen

Here’s a video the minutemen put up of Pete Stark’s most recent town hall meeting. Stark comes off a tad bid sarcastic.

Matt Artz


  1. Remember in February 2008 when all the buzz was all about the country having taken a giant leap to the left? It’s dismissive and delusional morons like Stark who ensured that narrative lasted about 15 minutes.

  2. Oops. I meant 2009, after the inauguration. This presidency seems longer, doesn’t it?

  3. Mr Stark is LYING & IGNORES THE FACTS: See the proof:

    PETE STARK continues to make “smart (tuchas)” remarks.
    2:21 “How high and long will the wall be”. “You design the wall & as soon as we know if you don’t want shoot the people coming over”. “then I will start the ladder company. But I gotta know how high that wall is & I’ll sell a whole lot of ladders for people who want to come”

    The Bracero program ended in 1964. See this link:
    …LOL Stark proclaims it works!

    THE CITIES OF: San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles & 40+ more are officially “Sanctuary Cities”.

    MR STARK ignores the facts and deflects the conversation with “smart ass” remarks.

    AMERICANS DON’T REALLY UNDERSTOOD THE TRUTH. But if they did they would not approve.

    4 ideologies teach their followers to “Kill Americans – if necessary”.

    Connecting the DOTS between Terrorism and illegal immigration.

  4. Stark is lying. Our border is not protected. And, the minutemen have never shot any one. SEE THE FACTS.
    w w w .illegalimmigration. com (((delete the spaces)))

  5. Why has stark been in office so long? The guy hasn’t even lived in his own district for years. Where’s the out cry over this? Sounds like Liz Fig took a page out of his book and was able to fool the voters just as Stark has done for way too long.

    When are voters going to wake up to these shady politicians?

    In this district all you need is a “D” next to your name on the ballot and your in.


  6. Classic! Pete at his best. I love it when he makes fools of idiots. My only regret living in Pete Stark’s district is that I have absolutely no reason to complain about congressman.

  7. I know. George W. was all hat, no cattle and he was in for 8 years! That idiot Sarah Palin might be VP right now. I wonder what she would be saying now about “Drill baby, drill” I’m glad she is not in DC. She couldn’t even hang with Alaskan politics, imagine her in Washington!

  8. Sounds like Pete is big-time out of touch with his constituents. Time to hang it up Pete- times have changed but you have not.

  9. There is no better way to get these out-of-touch leftist tyrants out of power than to shine sunlight on their viewpoints and supporters.

  10. JK, I agree. These libtard claptraps with Tourette’s are doing a fine job of sealing their own political fate.

  11. How does Pete Stark keep getting elected as a congressman? The guy certainly sounds like he needs to be put out to pasture — he couldn’t express any coherent thoughts or sentences at all during that video. Not only that, but he was quite rude and disrespectful to his constituents in the audience asking questions, even to the old Asian ladies that could not have been Minutemen (although there most definitely were some right-winger Minutemen in that audience).

    Are we so screwed up politically in this district that Pete Stark is the best person we can put up for the job of congressman? If so, then we really do deserve what we get from our government.

  12. What a disgusting person congressman Stark is. He is the epitome of arrogance. Only the ignorant could support such an obnoxious elitist.

  13. OMG, He is a congressman! The people of California pay his salary?? What a disrespectful man… I don’t care if he is a dem/rep/pro/mark/ whatever..he is an idiot..fire him..Who does he think he is?

  14. It looks like the Coffee Klatch had a write-a-thon today.

    Where do they come up with such fresh ideas?

  15. No Marty,
    They seem unreasonably well organized.
    Like the Nazis were.

  16. Like I said,


    was it something I said?
    was my language to strong?
    Did they feel threatend ?

    Or does someone want to pretend that’s the Case !!

    This is #3 so I’m going to be a little annoyed if you post it. but impressed nonetheless with your little prank.

    Having fun Mr. Censor??

    Marty … MattArtyz

  17. This video clip is only classic Pete Stark? Nothings new! The man has made a career out of insulting us. I moved to Fremont twenty years ago and at first I didn’t understand why he was continually reelected but then I got my mind right and began see the light. The majority of voters in this district support him because they think he’s sticking it to the man for them. But he also has never had any problem sticking it back at them too and they love it when he does. Like many Democrat politicians in California he has moved through his whole career saying whatever insulting thought in his mind knowing he will never suffer any political consequences for saying it. I think it’s interesting that many are finally paying attention to him but he will be reelected in November. And he knows it!!

  18. Yet another incompetent narcissist. A civil question is asked but he couldn’t return the courtesy. We need mature adults as our representatives; the People’s business is serious business. His answer was all about him insulting others (for some peculiar reaon, he thinks this makes him look good), not about real answers.

  19. First, Pete Stark DOES NOT live in California any more. He has lived in Maryland (per his own admission to the MD tax people) for many years so he is obviously out of touch with events in the CA 13th District. Second, I think Mr. Stark is geting up in years and I suspect he has a bit of dementia – this is fairly clear as he is out of touch with reality given his own statements. Finally, this is not the first time Stark has been so inane – even the Calfornia Congressional delegation look at him as an embarrassment (check out some on Nancy Pelosi’s comments relating to Stark’s behaviour over the last few years).

    Stark needs to retire. Pete Stark as Congressman for the CA 13th District is an embarrassing reflection of those of us in the 13th District. The Constituents of the 13th District need to use the power that they have to vote this guy out in Nov. The California Fair Political Practices Commission and the CA State Attorney General need to investigate Stark on his eligibility to represent the CA 13th District – especially given his home propoerty claims in the state of Maryland.

  20. The reason Stark continues in office is that nobody competitive ever seems to run against him. Maybe the occasional unknown extreme-right-wing Republican, but never anybody recognizable, or remotely compatible with the politics of the district.

    Perhaps the open primary will help, giving a moderate candidate a chance.

  21. Am I the only one that feels that most of the people commenting here seem uptight, lacking a sense of humor and are who are acting by agenda?

    It seems to me that Stark’s assertion that the border is secure clearly tounge in cheek. I’m not that familiar with the congressman, but surely he’s aware that people are coming into our country and staying in violation of the law. Isn’t He sarcastically saying that there isn’t anyone coming into the country that the U.S. Government doesn’t want coming in he he says the borders are secure? People such as terrorists.
    The person asking the question is dumbfounded because terrorist aren’t his concern at all, it’s people that he perceives are taking his job. Stark knows this.
    I thought that was pretty damn sharp when he asks how high they wall so he knows how long the ladders he’s going to make need to be. That was hilarious!
    He could be criticized I suppose for not explaining what He meant. I He seems terribly bored.
    If the minuteman would just face the fact that his problem isn’t down at the border, but really at the construction site in his own town, then he might actually start effecting some change in his life.
    Pete Stark isn’t this or any other minuteman’s enemy, any person who “can’t afford not to” or is “trying to save money” that BREAKS THE LAW and ILLEGALLY hires a person who’s not allowed to work in this country is.
    Unless the Government allowed them to.

  22. Sense of humor? What’s so funny about the INVASION of the United States of America by foreign nationals? What’s so funny about taxpayers having to pay for all the families of illegals in social services, schools, hospitals, drunk drivers who cause accidents and death, criminal aliens who rape and murder, gangbangers seizing our cities, not to mention jobs being give to the lowest bidders by contractors using illegal and substandard help!

    Yup – you’re right, it’s a regular comedy show and Stark is King of the Clowns! Get a clue libby! BTW – I made the video and most Americans agree with its message, which also happens to be that Americans are fed up with this type of arrogant behavior towards us taxpaying citizens.

    We want politicians who put America and Americans before anyone or anything else. This is OUR country and idiots like Stark, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer and Obama need to get that though their pee-brain liberal heads!

  23. Construction sites in the East Bay contributed to the 300 kidnappings in Phoenix AZ?

  24. Gee Steve,
    I wasn’t aware this problem just started. I agree that the Democrats you mentioned above aren’t “delivering” but why don’t you add Bush, DeLay, Gonzalez and McCain to your list? If I remember correctly, the job scene was a bit better when Clinton left Office than it was when Bush did.
    Do you really feel like Bush and Cheney put Americans first? Bush was the most arrogant president the United States ever had!
    And like I said above, it’s the American Contractor who is GIVING your job to someone else. I’m not even sure if that is Federal Jurisdiction, are you as pissed off at the government as you are Pete Stark?
    If not then why? Aren’t you allowed to be critical of Republicans? Call me Liberal all you want, but at least I can tell when I’m served two plates of crap, even if the
    maitre’d assures me that one is ground beef.

  25. The reason Stark is in office is because people like “minutemen” oppose him. If you poll the popularity of “minutemen” in bay area, I am sure you will see it might be like 70% against. So all that Stark has to do to get elected is show this youtube video and say if you oppose me you are supporting minutemen.

    This is basic stuff and the minutemen are actually helping stark win again and again.

    If you want to stop illegal immigration, focus should be on punishing businesses who hire them. These idiots seem intent to build a great wall of china on the border. How long will it take for them to make a underground tunnel? or make a hole? or ladder. Brain dead minutemen helping keep a brain dead congressman in office. Sad story…

  26. Most wouldn’t be happy with crap or ground beef on their plate. I think that’s why the majority of Americans disagree with you Smiley, as Steve points out.

    There’s plenty to critique about the Dubya administration, including his all but identical position on immigration relative to the last four presidents, and probably the next four. But at least Bush would give lip service every once in a while, which is often enough to squelch the tone down a bit (which is by the way the crux of our immigration policy).

    Juxtapose this to Janet Napolitano as recently as spring 2009 denying kidnappings and murders were even taking place in Arizona. People react to these things (AZ SB1070), and though the ultimate result was the same during the Bush years, dragging out his corpse at this point is a somewhat useless endeavor.

    PS – Though the jobs numbers were somewhat better in 2000 than 2008, remember that the tech recession was well underway during Clinton’s last months in office. Regardless, the term “Bush Economy” was coined soon after.

  27. Truly, it’s hard to beat the classics, and good ol’ all American racism has lost none of it’s historic appeal.

    Manifest destiny included stereotypes of all Native Americans as “merciless Indian savages”. as described in the Declaration of Independence. The first two years of the California gold rush saw the deaths of thousands of Native Americans who were subjected to de facto enslavement under a system of peonage. California entered the Union in 1850 as a free state with respect to slavery, but the practice of Indian indentured servitude wasn’t outlawed by the California Legislature until 1863.

    Also out here in the west, Asians and other immigrants faced hate-based discrimination. Non-whites were prohibited from testifying against whites, a prohibition that included the Chinese. The San Francisco Vigilance Movement, ostensibly a response to crime and corruption, systematically victimized first Irish immigrants and later transformed into mob violence against Chinese immigrants.

    During the late 1800s and early 1900s, hundreds of thousands of Jews escaped the pogroms of Russia and Eastern Europe, arriving primarily at Ellis Island. As soon as they left the boat, they were subjected to racism from the port authorities. The derogatory term ‘kike’ was adopted in reference to Jews because they often could not write so they signed their immigration papers with circles – or kikel in Yiddish.

    I trust that I don’t have to delve into the history of discrimination against African-Americans in the United States.

    In his first inaugural address in 1885, President Cleveland stated, “The laws should be rigidly enforced which prohibit the immigration of a servile class to compete with American labor, with no intention of acquiring citizenship, and bringing with them and retaining habits and customs repugnant to our civilization.” In a recent survey of presidential rankings, Cleveland didn’t even make the list:


    Has it occurred to anyone lately that we are living on land that was once the residence of the progenitors of today’s “illegals”?

    As is usually the case when times get tough, it is in the interests of those who seek to gain power and to retain power to set various segments of the population against eachother – it keeps them distracted from what’s going on at the top. Karl Rove only thinks he invented class warfare – it’s actually a very old tactic.

    We should know by now that we are not the enemies of immigrants – unless we are 100% Native American, we ARE immigrants, and we should have learned that mark our moral progress largely by how we treat those who come to this country. Is the proof of our worth as human beings.

  28. Pete Stark has been a good public servant for many years – how else did he get re-elected so often? But times and circumstances change and eventually it’s time to go. It may be time for Pete to let somebody else have his seat. After all, who would want to end up like Robert Byrd, hanging on until you die in office? Grim.

  29. Perry, we have one of the most generous immigration policies on the planet. I think that part of that generosity is a direct result of American qualities completely antithetic to your poorly connected thesis.

  30. Wow Marty, I considered mentioning one or two of the things Perry did but chose not to. I didn’t want to take any chance that you’d accuse me of “dragging out corpses” so I kept my examples of the hypocrisy in Steve’s argument to only the living and what happened? You still said I was dragging out corpses though Bush isn’t even dead!
    But after reading the incredible statements Marty had already made that have me still scratching my head to spin he already made, that obvious reach almost made sense…
    …Yeah, I know. Here’s what he said:

    1. That most of us don’t like ground beef so it wouldn’t make any difference to us nor would we hold it against the waiter who tried to serve us a plate of crap in its place.
    Marty, seriously, the assumption wasn’t on your,or anybody else’s, personal preference for ground beef, it was about what had been ordered. How about if I say,
    at least I can tell when I’m served two bowls of diarrhea even if the maitre’d assures me one is Split Pea Soup.

    2. Thank you for finally admitting to us that all the minutemen really want from Pete Stark is “lip-service once in a while”.
    Finally someone on that side says what most of us have concluded for some time. The only logical explanation for the temporary blindness that makes some people unable to see in any Republican, the exact same faults they saw clearly in a Democrat.

    3. You are also saying that we shouldn’t be allowed to bring up that, the minutemen, teabaggers and the rest of thier ilk, ARE arriving late in the game.? You say it’s a useless endeavor? To What?? Educate them. Find some common ground with them. Get them to realize how annoying it is for the rest of us to listen to this Johnny-come-lately uninformed partisan invitation for another fiasco rigamorale? C’mon.

    And wasn’t Janet Napolitano the governer of John McCain’s Red State of Arizona? How’d that happen?

  31. Looks like Pete
    is getting noticed more and more due to his irresponsible behavior during his town hall meeting. Too bad it wont be enough to stop him from getting elected again. He knows that the people of Fremont are too dumb and lazy to vote against him.


  32. I attended the meeting and Stark was rude and very sarcastic.

    Also at the meeting was a business man who explained that the burdensome taxes and regulations on top of the healthcare bill will prevent him from growing and hiring and a woman who said that she can’t find a job and will run out of unemployment insurance. Duh!

  33. As long as we can wear our rapid fire assault rifles in public I’m down… us gun nut republicions has got to do what’s best for our self interest ya all…god bless the 2nd amendment and god bless Amerika!

  34. You know Charlton H-daddy, you just made me think of somethin’.

    An idea to really put Fremont on the map that came to me this very minute thank to you my man.

    Why we host in our great town a good ole American GUN SHOW!!

    We could hold it in the GM Factory, so big an cavernous that there’d be more than enough room for Guns, pistols, shotguns, knives, more guns, ammunition, military collectibles, toy guns, an army size shootin’ range, a Mountain Man rondezvous tent, paint ball zone, gun accessories and conversion kits and more ammunition!!

    How’s that for an idea?
    Well then, what are we waiting for!??!!

  35. You know Charlton H-daddy, you just made me think of somethin’.

    An idea to that’ll really put Fremont on the map.
    An idea that came to me this very minute thanks to you my man.

    Why we host is our great town a good ole American GUN SHOW!!

    We could hold it in the old GM Factory.
    It’s big and cavernousness make it the perfect Location.

    There’d be morethan enough room for Guns, Pistols, Shotguns, Knives, more Guns, Ammunition, Military Collectibles, Toy Guns, Army-Size shooting range, Mountain Man rondezvous tent, PaintBall Zone, Gun Accessories and Conversion Kits, more Guns, and more Ammunition!!

    We could even have a civil war re-enactment outside using the Union Pacific railroad tracks-we’ll get the Antique train people to bring in an old engine that could be carrying supplies or something.

    How’s that sound?? I know, It’s Great!! The city will make

    So, What are WE waiting for?!!??

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