Council meeting diary

We’re going to work in reverse tonight. The council is talking about how to get Fremont to use fewer greenhouse gases. A city staff member is admirably doing the lord’s work trying to make this simple, but there are a lot of charts, graphs, equations and acronyms.

I’m left wondering  how many calories I would have needed to consume today to have any chance of digesting this. If only I had a burrito.

One idea: Better asphalt could help improve gas mileage.

Another idea: Stricter codes for lighting in buildings and parking lots.

Third idea: No more single-serving bottled water for city folk.

Fact: City operations only account for 0.5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Question: Do other cities penalize residents for sprinkling during the hottest times of day.
Answer: No

Quetion: How much does city save if it banned gas-powered lawn mowers. It would save a lot, right?
Answer: No, It wouldn’t. So it doesn’t matter.

Quiz: What  does MTCO2e stand for?

Fact: The council still has to have community meetings and won’t pass anything to do with this until next year.

So let’s got back in time an hour to when the council was talking about the Patterson Ranch project. That’s the big subdivision near Coyote Hills Regional Park, that has slowly shrunk from about 1,500 units to about 500 units — all east of Ardenwood Boulevard and bounded by Ardenwood, Paseo Padre, Alameda Creek and some railroad tracks. Continue Reading


A little more on the future of Mowry Lanes

Because, I know how much important bowling allies are in keeping a city “on the map,” I made some calls and sent some emails out yesterday Mowry Lanes, which is slated to become a meditation center.

All I found out was that AMF, Mowry Lanes parent company, is in the process of selling the site to the meditation folks. The approval from the Planning Commission last week apparently was the last hurdle to go ahead with the sale.

Ultimately the meditation center will own the site and the alley will close.


Fremont News of the Day


From the cops:

Police have identified the suspect that officers shot and killed yesterday as Juan Mosso, 30, of Newark.

A 21-year-old party-goer tried to break up a fight in the parking lot of the Elk’s lodge on Farewell. He got gored (with a knife) for his trouble and ended up at Kaiser ER with non life threatening injuries.

Two masked hoodies robbed cash and liquor at gunpoint from Seven Hills Food and Liquor on Sunday. Also on Sunday, a man fought off two would-be robbers around Lake Arrowhead Avenue and Alvarado Boulevard in north Fremont.

From the wire:

Our story on the officer-involved shooting from over the weekend.

This Fremont supermarket story was the most viewed news item on the company’s website.

Fremont is part of the nation’s 19th most improved housing market.


Happy Birthday, Mr. Candidate


Today isn’t just Flag Day. It’s Ishan Shah’s 18th birthday, which means he’s legal to enter a Fremont political contest, get a tattoo and join the open carry movement.

To celebrate here are a few songs/albums that topped the charts in the year of Ishan’s birth and Fremont’s rebirth.

Nevermind was released in 1991, but it topped the charts in January, 2002.

The top selling album of 1992 was released by this guy

And this remake was the number one song on Flag Day 1992: RIP Michael.


Donations to pay for Fremont’s Mandarin program

Thanks to a co-worker, I can say, but not spell “I’m a skinny white guy” in Cantonese. Come to think of it, can anything be spelled in Cantonese? I don’t know, but starting this fall, several skinny white kindergartners will learn how to describe their physiques in an even more useful language: Mandarin.

Fremont residents have raised enough money to start a dual immersion program at Azevada Elementary School.

To read more about it, click here.