Potential appointees to the City Council

Here’s the top five candidates as I see it:

Dirk Lorenz — Dirk would make history as the first Fremont councilman to have seen Cher live in concert. He’s a Planning Commissioner and Fremont native, who could get four votes. Potential pitfall is his stake in a diner on city-owned land; the fact that he’s a Republican; and that he didn’t get appointed last time around right after he had nearly been elected to the council.

David Bonaccorsi — Planning Commissioner, Fremont native, active with the schools and a lawyer to many, including Mr. Dutra. Only downside is that his name is harder to spell than his would-be predecessor’s.

Yogi Chugh — Planning Commissioner, who has worked to support Democratic candidates around town. Another name I’ve botched in the past.

Nina Moore — Former School Board member, chamber leader, who could also get four votes. (But she told me on Thursday that she’s not interested.)

Ishan Shah — Haha. Just kidding. There are only four top candidates. But it doesn’t matter since Ishan is taking it to the house in November.

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Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:

Police arrested a transient woman, who assaulted a security guard at Gateway Plaza

An officer spotted a young man running from the 7-11 on Stevenson. The officer thought he might be a robber, so he gave chase and caught up to him. It turned out the man hadn’t robbed the convenience store, but he was carrying a concealed dagger, which got him arrested anyway.

Form the wire:

Jerry Brown kicks off gubernatorial campaign in Fremont.

Solaria is expanding in Fremont

Fremont woman has website about dogs and their peeps.


Two newish restaurants

Via facebook: At Pacific Commons, Five Guys Burgers and Fries has opened near PF Chang’s. Sounds like it’s time for a Throwdown.

And at the beautiful intersection of Mowry and Blacow a new Indian Restaurant, Bombay Express. Actually it opened a few weeks ago and it’s the second veggie chat house in about three blocks.
Here’s a photo I took from my car last month:


Planning Commission Vacancy

kingRichard King of the law firm King, King & King has resigned from the Fremont Planning Commission. Too many scheduling conflicts for the peripatetic former world president of Rotary International.

He said the meetings that he could attend kept getting cancelled, and you can’t miss three meetings in a row, so he decided it was best to resign. He had been on the commission for more than six years.


Election Winners and Losers

Only one more election-related post after this.


Bob Wieckowski — He gets to go Sacramento for six years in the Assembly and hope his law practice doesn’t disintegrate. He ran an odd campaign in that he wasn’t really heard from. There was no audio of him speaking on his website, YouTube or even on his own commercial, but he campaigned hard and he won.

The Democratic Party — They needed this after losing City Council races in Newark and Fremont the past three years. Fremont is complicated terrain for them. In Berkeley, the party is the only political force capable of mounting a successful Assembly campaign. That’s why when longtime Berkeley Assemblyman and current Mayor Tom Bates got termed out, his replacements were his top deputy, followed by his wife, followed by his good friend.

Fremont is different because there is a constellation of political forces — John Dutra, Citizens for Better Community, Washington Hospital/Fremont Bank — that aren’t fully integrated into the Democratic establishment and can join forces to challenge it, even for an expensive contest like Assembly.

The Planning Commission — I can think of three members who’ll be on the short list if/when the council appoints Wieckowski’s replacement. And two more members who’ll want to be on the short list. I’ll go through those names shortly.

Jim Navarro — The Union City council member supported Wieckowski. He might not need much help to be elected Union City’s first Filipino mayor in two years, but this doesn’t hurt.

Labor — They get a reliable vote for six years


Garrett Yee — If Yee hadn’t challenged Wieckowski, he would have had a much better chance of being appointed to replace him on the City Council. Now the Democratic establishment is furious with him, and he’ll probably be asked to run for re-election to Ohlone if nothing else to help keep Republican Bob Brunton from getting back on the board.

John Dutra — He urged Yee to run. Dutra has played spoiler to the Democrats ever since he lost the the 2006 State Senate primary to Ellen Corbett. But the Democrats made it easy for him by backing candidates who were less likely to win than those Dutra supported. This time the party prevailed.

Bob Livengood — The Milpitas Mayor dropped out of the race and endorsed Yee. That won’t help his cause to move up in the world after more than 30 years on the Milpitas City Council.

Citizens for Better Community — The mostly Chinese -American social service/political organization still has one member on the City Council and two members on the School Board. That’s impressive, but  they weren’t able to get their strongest candidate/member into the State Assembly.


Futbol watching in Union City

paddyAs far as I can tell there’s only one Tri-City area establishment that will be showing all the televised World Cup games starting at 7 a.m. every day, and that is Paddy’s Coffee House, 3900 Smith Street, Union City.

Paddy said Spain has quite a following there. Too bad the Philippines, India and Khalistan aren’t in this year’s tournament. I bet the turnout would have been huge.


A few more election tidbits

There’s a wrap story in Thursday’s paper about the Wieckowski/Yee election.

Have mercy, we’re almost done with our election coverage. I’ll probably do a winners/losers post and also look at likely candidates for a council appointment in the coming days.

But first a few things that didn’t make it into print in today’s election story.

1) Those negative mailers about the insurance industry really hurt Yee, especially the skunks. Yee said when he was going door-to-door, cited voters cited the mailers for refusing to vote for him. “People were looking at me like I’m evil,” he said.

2) The Democratic Party here has some wounds to heal. Yee didn’t think it was right for the party to running attack ads against him — a fellow Democrat. I asked him how the Democrats can mend fences, he didn’t really have an answer other than to tell me to ask Wieckowski the same question.

Wieckowski said he’ll be inclusive. “It’s sort of like Hilary and Obama people,” he said. “It can take some time. This is the day after.” He also praised Yee for bringing people into the Democratic Party, but it’ll be interesting to see if those folks — and given the awful turnout there weren’t really that many of them — stay with the party or now feel more alienated from it.

3) Wieckowski is staying on the council, and might revisit the plastic grocery bag ban, depending on what happens with the statewide ban legislation. I’ve got my totes ready to go.