Road block in Central Park


Meet Brian Hanson. He’s a Fremont resident, Newark elementary school gym teacher and a wheelchair athlete. He’s been doing laps around Lake Elizabeth for almost two decades, but he’s never faced an obstacle quite like the one the Alameda County Flood Control Water Conservation District put in his path this June.

Like BART, the flood control district is doing some work around the lake. But unlike BART, instead of building a nice, smooth detour path over the lake, the flood control district laid about 50 feet of gravel along the lake where there had been a smoothly paved path.

The gravel is a big pain in the butt for Hanson, who at least is strong enough to pop a super long wheely over it. But less powerful wheelchair riders can’t traverse the gravel, and consequently can’t ride around the lake.

Rollerbladers and kids on scooters are also affected. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the American with Disabilities Act, and Hanson thinks it’s being violated in Fremont’s backyard.

I placed a call into the flood control district on Wednesday, but haven’t heard back from them. Hanson said he was told the work should be completed and the path repaved by the end of of August.

Even if that’s the case, that means several Central Park users will have gone a full summer without full access to the lake.

“It wouldn’t have taken much to have paved this over,” Hanson said.  “It seems like they just took the cheap way to solve the problem.”



Waterpark closed due to power outage

No Family Friday water slides today. No lazy river. No opportunity for me to see if there really is a bikini clad barista in Warm Springs.

This is turning into a bad day.

But the water park is scheduled to re-open tomorrow for those who don’t want to join the hoardes perusing isles of wind chimes, Navajo-ish jewelery and Hallmark wood carvings.

Or, for the two Fremont residents into outsider art (you know who you are), there’s this thing happening Saturday and Sunday.


Restaurant news

Next week is supposed to be the week that Market Broiler makes the move from Mowry East to Pacific Commons.

Also got a tip that the pink and white coffee shack near the Jamba Juice in Warm Springs had young lady stand on Warm Springs Boulevard. in a bikini promoting the establishment. I’ll drive down there tomorrow to confirm.

I got it mixed up. The woman in the bikini was the barista inside the shack. The chick with the sign had a little more coverage. I might wait till Monday to confirm.

Also, stay tuned Sunday for a possible restaurant closing announcement.


Free public education, we hardly knew ya

A gentleman called me today about the school district’s proposed property tax. He’s opposed to it, but says he has a better idea. Instead of raising taxes on residents with no kids in the schools, why not make parents and legal guardians pay tuition to enroll their kids in public schools, just like at UC and CalState.

He envisioned tuition of about $100 for elementary school students — high schoolers would pay more — and seemed amenable to scholarships for poor kids.

He didn’t seem to envision a lot of opposition from the rest of the city.


Fremont News of the Day

fastfoodFrom the cops:

Fremont police and fire helped save a 2-year-old with a long history of medical problems. Fire and AMR resuscitated the baby who went to cardiac arrest. Cops helped get kid to Washington Hospital, where the kid is in stable condition.

A schoolgirl walks up to a classmate she sees at the Elephant Bar. The schoolgirl starts to punch the girl in the head and grabbed her cell phone before getting out of dodge.


Dead cow jokes

Who’s more obnoxous: empathy overdrive vegetarians like me or callous Republicans like Mark Standriff?

Tough call.

I don’t know why my brain is wired the way it is, but I get angry/sad when I read stories like this one about how authorities had to shoot and kill a pregnant dairy cow that went bonkers at the state fair.

The California Republican Party, on the other hand, apparently thinks the incident presented a prime (haha) opportunity to pack (haha again) way too many lame bovine jokes into one press release. Here’s what the GOP wrote:

CRP Statement Regarding State Fair Bovine Tragedy

Let’s get Mooooving on State Budget

How many more cows must die before Dems act?

SACRAMENTO – California Republican Party Communications Director Mark Standriff today issued the following statement regarding yesterday’s tragic shooting of a dairy cow.

“Obviously, the stress of state budget uncertainty is taking its toll on these dedicated state employees, from fair management, to state fair police, to the U.C. Davis veterinary director who had to make the fatal decision to tragically down this pregnant cow and her unborn calf. We’re not second guessing the call. Considering the circumstances, it may have been the best decision. But it’s not fair to force people to make life-and death decisions when they’re also coping with the prospect of fewer vacation days or reduced office supplies.

“With the state budget nearly a month overdue, the Democrat legislative leaders are happy to hang out in their own corral, unable to agree even among themselves how to close the state budget gap. This is inexcusable. This is bull. This is a new low for Democrats.

“Is nothing sacred to them anymore, not even cows?”


City Council Meeting Journal

Tonight the City Council will squeeze  about a month’s worth of stuff into five or six joyless hours. It’s the traditional pre-August break marathon session. This year should be worse (longer) than past years. Monster homes in Glenmoor and Mission Ranch are here.

Centerville people including developer Brad Blake are here as are a whole bunch tow truck operators. I’m curious what they’ll have to say.

The council has already honored several city employees, including Lt. Mark Devine, who has always been good about providing info on breaking cop news during the weekend.

Those residents on Paseo Padre, who don’t want to live across the street from the proposed skate park are now addressing the council. They want to form a trilateral commission to discuss matters. If the city agrees, Fremont might be home to the first trilateral commission since 1973.

Linda Suseov is now talking about bed soars the size of baseballs. She said it happens in Oakland. Why do golfers carry a second pair of pants? Because they might get a hole in one.
I laughed.

Steve Cho is here to say that the Boy Scouts are celebrating its 100thanniversary. Later this year the boy scouts will become one with goose feces when they camp in Central Park.

It looks like the city has found a cure to the plague of Monster Home debates. There’s a parade of people from Glenmoor and Mission Ranch telling the council that they support a plan that would allow for some expansions, but no giant two-story homes in those two ranch neighborhoods.
The council will pass the new design guidelines which will limit homes on standard lots in Glenmoor to 2,400 square feet and in Mission Ranch to 3,200 square feet.

Mayor Wasserman just said this: “Often we deal with things where there’s a relatively small handful of people who want to see a particular thing and the rest of the community could (care) less.”

Is it me, or was he talking about most of the stories I’ve written over the last three years? Continue Reading


Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:
Some dude grabbed a purse from a 49-year-old woman at the Trader Joe’s parking lot.

Two men started arguing and then started duking it out on the 4600 block of Fanwood Terrace. Several neighbors called police who arrested the combatants.

Three perps, who said they had a gun, lightened one man’s load of a cell phone and some cash near the McDonald’s at Fremont Boulevard in Centerville.

From the wire
Our restaurant person liked Bombay Express, the new veggie chaat house on Mowry.

Apparently, there is a lot to do in Fremont, at least according to Yelpers.