Linh Tat


  1. Charge her with child endangerment for arguing with the cops while pregnant…

    I’m sick of these entitled people who disobey the police and get all self-righteous about their rights when the officer has to do something to reign in their behavior.

  2. first of all before you even make such a rude a disrespectful comment like that you need to have all of your facts. the officer pulled me over for something that was not true and instead of me arguing with the officer i ask if i don’t sign the ticket because you made up these charges then he said if you do not sign then i would have to place you under arrest i signed now does that sound like some one arguing with the police and just cause they are officers does not give them the right to just violet people let that have been any of you sick not even hardly being able to move and having to take your son to the dentist then be pulled over for some nonsense and then tasered and tackled to the the ground for asking to speak with higher authority and then see who’s side your on

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