Term limit proposal

Kudos to Bob Wieckowski for not going out with a whimper. The Fremont council member is asking is colleagues to consider asking voters to change the city’s term limits rule.

Presently, the mayor and city council members can only serve two continuous four-year terms and must then sit out for four years before again running for election to the same office.

Wieckowski is proposing to change that so elected officials could serve for 12 continuous years, which in most cases (appointees could be different) would equal three consecutive terms.

Also, the council on Tuesday will get the ball rolling on making the former NUMMI site a City Redevelopment area.

Matt Artz


  1. If that’s the case Matt- why hasn’t he said anything yet about the city managers proposal for pension reform? Could it be because he had the majority of the “big” unions supporting him?

    He doesn’t want to bite the hand that pushed him into office.

    Come on Matt, your’re better than that.

  2. You will find that Y Cow Ski will be another do nothing but motherhood legislater just like His Daddy Torrico

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