Bob Brunton looks to be running for Ohlone College Board … in Newark

Either Bob Brunton moved to Newark or I’m not the only one making whoppers when it comes to Ohlone College elections. Or perhaps the Registrar of voters screwed up.

Brunton, a former board member, who had not always gotten along with board members and college leaders, is listed as having taken out campaign papers to run for the two Ohlone College seats in Newark.

Last I checked, Brunton owns a home in Fremont. There are two Fremont seats up for grabs. One incumbent, John Weed, has been on the board for 33 years and is seriously considering retirement.

Matt Artz

  • Step-Child of FUSD

    When the board changed the election system did the change the numbering system for the cities as well? Area 1 used to be Fremont and Area 2 used to be Newark. Just asking, maybe Bill McMillin misfiled.

  • Andrew Cavette

    Only one, small point to add: Bill McMillin lives in Newark, CA.

  • Step-Child of FUSD

    Andrew that was my point. Area 2 is Newark, McMillin must of checked the wrong box and now accidentaly running in Fremont.

  • Andrew Cavette

    Area 1 is now Newark. Mr. McMillin has filed correctly.

    The updated ROV document (update today 7-14-10) no longer shows Mr. Brunton as having pulled papers. He is not listed at all in fact — at least for today.

    The document can be found here:


    Perhaps Mr. Brunton pulled papers for the Newark seats by mistake (because of the new area designation) and is now in the process of correcting that small oversight.

    His name may well reappear correctly when the ROV updates the document again tomorrow.

  • Andrew Cavette

    And just to follow up, the new Area 1, Area 2 city designations are stated in Ohlone Board Policy BP2100… here: