Election filing period – Day 2

Here’s the latest on who’s pulled papers to run for the November election. Names that were added today are in blue. Remember: just because someone pulls papers doesn’t mean (s)he is running necessarily. One’s candidacy isn’t official until the completed forms are turned back into the county Registrar’s office (or city hall) and certified by the registrar/clerk. The filing period ends Aug. 6.

* Fremont City Council (2 open seats): 1) Kristen Briggs; 2) Kathryn Rhyn McDonald; 3) Bill Harrison; 4) Anu Natarajan; 5) Vinnie Bacon

* Fremont Unified School District (2 seats)

* Newark Unified School District (2 seats): 1) Gary Stadler; 2) Charlie Mensinger; 3) Nancy Thomas (Thomas pulled and filed papers today)

* New Haven Unified School District (2 seats): 1) Jerico Abanico; 2) Gwen Estes (Estes pulled and filed papers. She said four years ago when she ran for re-election that it would be her last term. I guess she changed her mind.)

* Union City Council (3 seats)

* Ohlone College, Area 1 (2 seats): 1) Bill McMillin; 2) Bob Brunton

* Ohlone College, Area 2 (2 seats)

Linh Tat


  1. Still no Ishan? Is anybody else suspecting what I am suspecting – that Kathy forced Vinnie to kidnap Ishan so they could force him to look at pictures Vinnie took of wildlife at Coyote Hills?

    It makes sense. After all, Kathy and Vinnie were not seen at the registrar’s office together, leading me to suspect that Kathy let Vinnie out today long enough to register while Ishan was tied up.

  2. Could this have anything to do with the announcement ishan is supposed to make on Friday, he had posted it on his facebook and now it is on his Twitter!

  3. To echo VOR in another post, yes… more info on Kristen Briggs would be great!

  4. According to his website, an “announcement” is coming Friday, so I’m sure Ishan is in. Go Ishan!

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