Where in Fremont…

Does Hayward Councilmember Kevin Dowling need to haul his arse over to and take down his County Supervisor signs? It’s been more than a month since he finished last.


Matt Artz


  1. Is that corner of Mowry & Paseo Padre or corner of Grimmer & Blacow?

  2. Matt,

    You might as well pass on the same info to the “judge”, who still has signs all over the city and to Yee \ Wieckowski. Who still have a few out there. Tell BW that he has one at Paseo and Decoto- Mowry and Blacow. Can’t cities issue fines for this?

    Just saying….

  3. It is Paseo, but the cross street isn’t Peralta.

  4. It’s Paseo and Decoto, I pass by it almost every day! : )

  5. Dowling’s sign is gone … there are plenty of Lockyer signs still up around!

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