Small SoCal city pays City Manager nearly $800k

Bell City, pop. 38,000, paid its city manager nearly $800,000 last year, its police chief $457,000 and its part-time council members nearly $100,000.

The average personal income in Bell City is $24,800.

Residents aren’t pleased. Read about it here.

Matt Artz


  1. There are some pretty wild swings in what California municipalities comp their City Managers with (even when normalized by the size of the municipality).

    This is a good reason to have multiple data points at ones’ disposal before drawing any comparitive conclusions. If you only have 30 seconds to invest – jump to the last page and take note of the pay-per-resident column –


  2. I’m just shocked these people were able to extort this kind of cash from the taxpayers without a union.

  3. You’re shocked Marty?

    Open your eyes and you’ll soon realized that the only reason you think this is the exception to the rule is because you’ve been brainwashed.

  4. Tony, I was being a bit facetious. But I do think it is the exception to the rule. Most cities in the Bay Area pay their veteran union staff much more than the mayor and city council. I am certain this is true in SF, Oakland, San Jose and Fremont.

  5. When Ishan announced he was running for Fremont City Council, at the tender age of 16, both international (BBC) and local (KTVU) television media jumped all over it. He even garnered a live, studio interview with Ross McGowan. I guess this could now be considered a premature election.

  6. I think the more important question is, what are the residents of Bell City getting for their $800K and the other salaries noted? One could that, for salaries that high, he/she/they should probably be washing one personal car per household per week but, if he/she/they can make a case for all of the good things that they’re bringing to Bell City commensurate with receiving those salaries, this wouldn’t be as big a deal.

    Ross McGowan? That dope? I remember a few years ago hearing him ask an interviewee if impotence was hereditary. Think about it.

  7. The stupid greedy bastards have resigned with $300.000+
    pensions, they still have the last laugh on the residents.

  8. $600K+ pension in one case. It boggles my mind, as well as the mind of my former public employee spouse. Someone failed their fiduciary responsibility, I just hope there is enough evidence to claw it back.

  9. Must be a problem for San Ramon Mayor Wilson who is the Republican candidate for Assembly. Gonna be on the defensive now.

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