Joi gin, Linh

ropeThe Argus reporting staff is losing some of its heft, but not too much. Our education reporter, Linh Tat, who undoubtedly has posed more questions to more people in Argus history, leaves us today after several years on the job.

Linh has done just about everything one can do in Fremont: She’s hiked Mission Peak, mounted the Saddle Rack’s mechanical bull and lapped Lake Liz. She’s also staked out elementary schools, kept tabs on accused child molesters and steered clear of every fluffy, overfed kitty cat that crossed her path.

Linh had the fastest metabolism of any Argus reporter, and the best complexion. Much to my embarrassment, she also threw the tightest spiral.

After attending a few too many late night meetings, where she watched two school board members shed frequent tears of fiscal restraint and Union City Mayor Mark Green find himself funny, Linh is ready to experience a new form of suffering: New York City in August.

Linh’s got an exciting opportunity in the Big Apple, and we wish her the best. With all the tasty pizza and cheese cake in her midst, NYC presents Linh with her best opportunity yet to finally top the 100-pound mark — if she can afford to eat at all.

Matt Artz

  • Jon Simon

    Sorry to see her go. Does this mean it’s just Matt and Ben?

  • Step-Child of FUSD

    Ben Liu left a long time ago. Didn’t he Matt?

  • VOR

    Since MNG reporters don’t get replaced I guess this means Union City and FUSD are history too.

  • Jon Simon

    Ben Aguirre, not Liu.

  • Matt Artz

    Ben Liu was never a full-time staffer at The Argus. He hasn’t freelanced for the paper in over four years.

    Linh will be replaced.

  • eric carlson

    I hear CCTV (Chinese Television) is on a hiring binge in New York city. Maybe that is where she is going?

  • Helen Kennedy

    Big kudos to Linh! She is an excellent reporter, and although I’m sorry we won’t be seeing her byline in the Argus, I wish her all the best in New York.