Republican for Fremont City Council and long tangent

Carl Flynn, who coaches speech and debate at Washington High School, has taken out papers to run for City Council. In college he was head of the San Jose State University College Republicans.

From his website, Flynn seems like a moderate.

Little known fact about me is that I was very, very briefly a member of  the SUNY Binghamton College Republicans. In a big state school in a liberal state like New York, campus politics is skewed way to the left. The Republicans, as perpetual outsiders, authored the sharpest publication on campus were the only people who seemed willing to challenge campus orthodoxy.

In 1993, campus orthodoxy meant supporting a new diversity requirement that forced incoming freshman like me to take ethnic studies classes, even if they were engineering majors. I thought it strange that the school didn’t require students to take a math class, lab science or English class, but mandated ethnic studies. Administrators were also considering requiring students — a majority of whom were either Irish, Polish or Jewish — to learn about polarities of power and oppression.

My dislike of the diversity requirement meant I was no campus radical, but it didn’t make me a Republican either. I felt even more awkward than usual being in a room where everyone thought the country would have been better off with Dan Quayle still vice president. I only attended two meetings and never wrote for their affiliated publication, even though I always enjoyed reading it.

It turned out I wasn’t alone in disliking the lefty campus power structure, which also had created a student government post that could only be voted on by a select group of minority student organizations on the unstated premise that the overall student body was too racist to ever elect a racial minority.

In 1996, students, most of whom were liberals, revolted and elected Anthony Benardello, a 37-year-old Gulf War veteran and super duper conservative Republican as student body president. However, Benardello had the diplomatic skills of a drunken frat boy and got himself impeached about one-month into his term after a bunch of protests and sit-ins. The New York Times even wrote about it. Click here for the story.

Matt Artz