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The Paseo Padre Parkway/Grimmer Boulevard Intersection project is scheduled for completion tomorrow, so no more snarling traffic over there.

Kristen Briggs is the first certified candidate for City Council

Matt Artz


  1. Matt, What snarling traffic. I use that intersection everyday at various times, there was no traffic snarl.
    The intersection improvements were made to make access to the Water Park easier, period.
    Oh and do not forget the trail the City threw into the mix to divert the fact that they were doing it for the Water Park. The trail starts at Fremont Blvd. to Paseo Parkway. Who is going to use that short trail? It will become a favorite spot to party for our young people, so I guess it has a purpose.
    Matt, I expect more from you, how about the truth

  2. California Guy,
    Did you drive south on Paseo Padre past Grimmer heading into the Mission in the late afternoon? It would take minutes and a few green light cycles for traffic to merge into one lane and finally cross Grimmer.

  3. Matt,
    Yes I did, it had one lane closed for the overpass work, not traffic. Come on Matt. That was because of construction, not Traffic.
    We depend on you telling the truth, not as a spokesperson for the City Council or defend there ulterior motives. (Promoting the Water Park)

  4. I am at that intersection at least twice a day, and the addition of a new turn lane/U-turn lane headed southbound on Paseo Padre seems useless except to get into the parking lot for Central park. All it’s done is make the signal longer. Plus, why did they have to remove the crosswalk on one side of the street?

  5. Shelby, the signal is even longer now. Pedestrians were crossing at the newly relocated pedestrian crosswalk at the same time as Grimmer traffic turning onto Paseo Padre. To eliminate that hazard the signal cycle has added a pedestrians only phase, which increases the wait time for traffic in all directions even more.

    The ped crossing was relocated because the city has plans, as noted by CalGuy above, to put a trail along the flood control channel from Fremont Blvd. to Paseo Padre. I see people ignoring the “Use Crosswalk” sign and crossing where the crosswalk used to be because it keeps them away from the constant flow of right turn traffic from Paseo onto Grimmer. Not a well thought out move.

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