Matt Artz


  1. …will be replaced as CEO by Brian Harrison

    Another job “saved or created”, another success for Obama.

  2. Do the Fremont Solyndra buildings have solar panels on their roofs? It would be quite an irony if they did not.

  3. If you’re going after Obama go for the Big One…Evangelical Christian minister Tim LaHaye says that the policy initiatives put forth by the Obama administration are bringing the country “closer to the apocalypse.”

  4. The main Solyndra building is covered with their panels. The new building when finished will also be covered. To Marty: Solyndra created a 1,000 jobs at the current factory, 3,000 jobs constructing the new factory, and another 1,000 jobs at the new factory when completed. In Fremont that’s not trivial and a subject for ridicule.

  5. Good points but also remember that they received a loan for over 1/2 Billion dollars from ‘us’for a technology that is very expensive compared to other technology. If this fails then we paid $250,000 for each of those permanent jobs for a technology that does not make business sense. But that’s what you get when your politician tries to play investment advisor.

  6. Eric pretty much sums it up.

    But here’s where I’m sure I diverge: I think the Obama administration last week proved beyond a doubt that they make some very bad decisions on the fly to appease their insecurity and overall inability to lead. This is just another example, though more extraordinary and very, very expensive. And it’s absolutely subject to ridicule.

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