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Next week is supposed to be the week that Market Broiler makes the move from Mowry East to Pacific Commons.

Also got a tip that the pink and white coffee shack near the Jamba Juice in Warm Springs had young lady stand on Warm Springs Boulevard. in a bikini promoting the establishment. I’ll drive down there tomorrow to confirm.

I got it mixed up. The woman in the bikini was the barista inside the shack. The chick with the sign had a little more coverage. I might wait till Monday to confirm.

Also, stay tuned Sunday for a possible restaurant closing announcement.

Matt Artz


  1. Just found out there’s a new Mexican restaurant, La Salsa, next to the Shell Gas Station on AutoMall, almost directly across from where the Market Broiler will be located. It has a small bar from what I’ve been told. So you can gas up and gas up.

  2. Matt: since it seems to mean a lot to you: I just happened to drive by the coffee shack at lunch time. I’d say the young lady was lightly dressed but I can’t be more specific. You’ll just have to go buy a drink to be sure.

  3. “Just found out there’s a new Mexican restaurant, La Salsa, next to the Shell Gas Station on AutoMall”

    You mean the place that was once a BBQ “joint,” and then an Indian place, and now La Salsa?

    Gotta love a gas station attachment “restaurant” that nobody wants to eat it at and has to keep changing owners and themes. Sadly, I didn’t mind it when it was a BBQ joint and ate there a few times. Had to avoid it on principle when it turned to an Indian place (since there are too many in Fremont), and the same comment holds for now being Mexican.

  4. Checked it out because other La Salsa establishments had a Mango Salsa that was great. This one didn’t have it. When asked about it they said it was “seasonal.” How much more seasonal can you get than mid-Summer for Mango. I didn’t realize I had traveled south of the Equator when I crossed I-880.

  5. Did I miss any follow-up? Was there a restaurant closure last Sunday? Maybe it was a false alarm.

  6. It was a false alarm. I had it from the co-owner of Niles restaurant that it was going under, but by Monday, the other owners had decided to keep chugging along.

  7. Chris does a nice job allocating some time and coverage to one of our local eateries. Would be swell if the article could get it’s own posting in this venue. Until then, I’ll continue the thread under Artz’ previous “restaurant news” topic.

    I’ve heard some very complimentary things about “The Vine” and am sure to drop in sometime.

    But, I also thought I heard that the Vine did NOT serve hard liquor – has that changed ?

    I’m curious because Chris’ article clearly suggests that parents could grab “… a badly needed cocktail….” – which. according to common usage, would mean something a tad-bit stronger than a glass of wine or beer.


  8. bbox, I have been to the Vine about a dozen or more times. Chrises review was right on. The atmosphere is pleasant. The staff is very friendly but busy.
    One thing you should know is the front dinning room has a different menu then the bar or the back The dinning room menu is more elaborate, the the bar and back, that menu is more lite delicious meals, But the have added a grilled Salmon that is delicious. The reason for this, is that the kitchen is very small.
    If you have not gone to the Vine, get there early for a real treat and delicious food. It has a full bar, local craft beers, and a good selection of wines, on tap or by the bottle.

  9. Charlie – we don’t need magnets. We’ve got loads of ’em right here in our own backyard. What we are lacking is a leadership that is connected in the RIGHT circles to be able to deliver on world class opportunities.
    Case in point – let’s leverage our heritage with Fremont Raceway and our connection to TESLA to create some kind of EV race capital. Someone’s gonna do it. Maybe TESLA and Fremont, OR, maybe Nissan and Smyrna, Tennessee – – mark my words – – – someone WILL do this.
    While we’re on the topic – – wanna see my Prius smoke your Model “S” in the quarter-mile??? Tell Elon to give me a call!!
    But – I digress –
    I have no idea how our City Manager rationalizes his exorbitant salary, but it certainly isn’t the result of his deep personal connection with the SIGNIFICANT business leaders in our community. See, Charlie – we have some wonderful opportunities right here in Fremont. What we’re LACKING is the leadership to deliver on those opportunities. Fred, Bill and Anu kick this can on down to a couple of staffers in hopes that something will happen and then go about their own daily “make-busy” schedules.
    Tell me this, Charles – when was the last time Fred extended an invitation for coffee or a glass of wine to ANYONE at TESLA????? When was the last time that Bill or Anu floated ANY kind of idea with an audience at TESLA?
    Heck, we spent several days pitching strangers in Bangalore but we can’t bring a full-court press to someone in our own back yard?!!!
    We don’t need no steenkin’ magneets Charlie. We just need some leadership.

  10. Boxie – What we need are leaders who would do what what is BEST for everyone. The leader(s) you seem to admire believe *THE BLOCK* is better for Fremont than a Major League sports franchise. You and yours are a shameful lot and history is proving this to be a fact. Because of you and yours Fremont got loads of tapioca shoppes and no sole. The reincarnation of anything associated Fremont Raceway and our cities goober past is very lame. TESLA coupled with Cisco Park would have been golden! Think about it Boxie you dirty little class warriors couldn’t let a win win go down for the benifit of the most. FYI…Vinnie seem to be good with mining our meta data and collecting $300 red light traffic violations from soccer moms… and that my friend is what your side mean when you say you mean business!

  11. I am waiting to taste the wonderful Bar B Que from the Flying Pig Restaurant

  12. Charlie, Charlie Charlie – – – your recall of historical developments is about as flawed as your reasoning.

    The “Block” that you find so objectionable is – largely – a result of Fred, Bill and Anu. Take it up with them if you must.

    I agree with your sentiment re RLC’s and I’ve made the point that I believe Vinnie is rationalizing these systems while ignoring facts and data to do so.

    Unlike you, I don’t play favorites with anybody.

  13. Charlie or Michael, there you go again, your sensless rages over the ball park and Vinnie has killed this blog. You have acomplished nothing but proving your obsession is a sign of mental Illness…..

  14. Bill, Billy or Billy Bob…why can’t you, Bruce and the other “means bussiness” believers look in the mirrior and admit Fremont would be a better place if you and yours didn’t help to kill a professional sports Franchise coming to Fremont. Maybe a taxpayer sponsored trip to India would do ya good!

  15. B in the Box…Since you claim not to play favorites maybe *your* local political hero will reward you by arranging a taxpayer sponsored trip to India. This might help you rationally contemplate *your* flawed reasoning. What the hell…you won’t be getting it from a developer!

  16. This is the thinking of those who appreciate things like stadeeumms and support the antics of Fred and Bill and Anu.

  17. Boxie…My advice to you is to never take money from developers when it’s so easy to steal it from the taxpayers. You must admit Vinnie & Anu went to India on a taxpayers sponsored snipe hunt, no? Fred and Bill did not. Go ahead Boxie…ingnore the hypocrite who deliberately misrepresent himself.

  18. Wow, Charlie. If you’d look beyond the end of your single myopic point you’d have known better than to challenge my position on the India trip – which I have openly and repeatedly called into question. Just take a look around – –

    Anu and Vinnie attended and, so far – have not laid claim to any substantial return(s). Bill – for his part – didn’t seriously question the purpose of the proposed trip nor has he called into question the lack of result. Fred really doesn’t have a role in this particular act.

    Curiously, there is an interesting similarity IMHO between the dimensionless and myopic opinions you continue to express herein and the kinds of “planning” and “vision” – and rare results – espoused by Fred, Bill and Anu.

  19. Others know it . . . and they’ve already started to make money selling the idea.
    Fremont is, already, the “motor city” of EV’s – but we’re gonna let that slip thru our fingers.

  20. The rest of the world is exploiting this emerging technology. Meanwhile, in the birthplace of the TESLA brand – – Fremont City Haul is busy trying to come up with a good reason to have sent Anu and Vinnie to India.


    You want a reason to be recognized on a global scale? It’s right in front of you! Now – WHATCHA gonna do with it, Fred and Bill????

  21. Boxie my brother…The A’s will be opening their 2014 season very soon but unfortunately it won’t be here.You might have noticed they have been a very hot team the past 3 year. If you and the usual suspect had not killed this deal, Fremont would have in it’s boundries Cisco Field and the economic bonanza that a professional sporting franchise always bring to the locals. I must again remind you and the rest of the naysayers that Fremont would be a better place if you and yours had not played the “dirty pool” you most certainly did play to forever condemn Fremont to be the half assed place you seem to desire. I suggest you tell your favorite councilman that the substantial return(s) of a major league “means bussiness”.

  22. This has actually gotten pretty entertaining. What started out as a significant opportunity has seemingly devolved to the point where Wollf et al are flailing in the breeze – trying to establish any kind of footing in his long-held desire to build a new resort-cum-ballpark. I’m beginning to think that the collective response by MLB can only be construed as – “Pay attention to the ballgame – – – the rest will take care of itself.” The chuckle factor culminated with the rumor that the Giants had offered their facility Lew needed a place to stay until things at home got worked out. How the guy can maintain ANY pretense of credibility while negotiating with the current Oakland interests is beyond me.

  23. I have tried the Flying Pig or is it the Smoking Pig BBQ, whatever it is called it is excellent, real BBQ not the fake stuff you see around.
    Like your bbq smokey This place is as good or better the Evert and Jones BBQ

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