Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkTwo men with bandannas covering their faces and black semi-automatic handguns on their person entered Irvington Liquors Friday and demanded cash from the clerk. The clerk obliged, and the robbers stuffed the loot into a black backpack and fled fled in an SUV with tinted rear windows.

Also on Friday, officers responded to a robbery at the Little Caesar’s Pizzeria in the Sundale neighborhood. This time two men with a darker skin color than the liquor store robbery took the cash register at gunpoint and were seen fleeing toward the Waterstone Apartments. Officers set up a perimeter and brought in the K-9 Unit, but didn’t find the duo or the register.

There were five window smash burglaries on Sunday. Three businesses in the 37012 Towers complex (Little Kabul Market,
Maiwand Kabob House, and Taqwa Islamic Center).  Also hit were Domino’s Pizza (38487
Fremont) and a business located at 4700 Hanover Place.


Ishan is taking his talents to Mission Boulevard

The big announcement is that Ishan Shah isn’t running for Fremont City Council; he’s running for the Ohlone College Board of Trustees. Watch him break the news here.

It makes sense. Ishan has already brought Tesla Motors and a movie theater to Fremont. What more could he do as a council member.

It makes sense strategically as well. Ishan probably couldn’t have won a council seat, but with John Weed leaning against running re-election to the Ohlone board, Ishan and his pal Garrett Yee will effectively form a slate for the two Fremont seats up for grabs in November. BTW, Ishan’s campaign headquarters is in a building owned by Weed.

With Bob Brunton running to regain his seat on the board, Ishan will likely get a lot of establishment support to keep that from happening. In 2008, John Dutra helped finance Teresa Cox’s successful campaign that ousted Brunton. Ishan wouldn’t “confirm or deny” earlier this week having spoken with Dutra about the Ohlone seat. Oops I hadn’t watched the John Dutra part of the video when I wrote that.

Remember, the Dutras own property near the still undeveloped Ohlone frontage.

The switch to Ohlone does make sense, but it also means Ishan will get a lot less attention. Starting his council campaign as a 16-year-old made him somewhat of a local celebrity. Running for Ohlone College as an 18-year-old makes him this year’s Teresa Cox. Who’s she again?


Ishan’s big announcement

Last night Ishan Shah sent me the photo below, which he says are he and his buddies preparing his website for tonight’s “Big Announcement.” To me it looks like another night in the life of a Mission High student. Just imagine a cutthroat parent out of view screaming at them to study for two more hours before they can eat dinner.


So last week the national media was scurrying to find out where the best baskeball player in the world was heading, and this week I’m left speculating on the future of an 18-year-old community college student. I guess that’s the way the ball bounces.

But I have my sources too, and I’m pretty sure I know what the announcement is going to be. All I’ll say for now is that I don’t think the BBC will be interested this time around and that Ishan’s plans may focus on a place that loosely rhymes with the word “Jabroni.”


Susoev running again

Fremont perennial candidate Linda Susoev has taken out papers to run for City Council.

So has Vladimir Rodriguez.  I don’t know who he is.

We should know Ishan’s plans tomorrow. He might throw us a curve ball.


Guess who was at last night’s City Council meeting?


Because I lived the last 10 years among the kooks of Berkeley and Oakland, but my first reaction was how much it reminded me of my cars I’ve seen decked out for my favorite vegan cult leader, Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Her outfit operates Supreme Master Television and two somewhat frighteningly delicious vegan Chinese restaurants in San Francisco and Oakland. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any good photos of the group’s cars. This was the best I could find:



Kristen Briggs for City Council!!!!!!

A TCB reader directed to Kristen’s Facebook page.

Her slogan is “Fremont is a fantastic city; help me to help you keep it that way!”

I like her use of the semicolon, but not the unnecessary exclamation point.

There’s no picture of her on facebook, but she does tell her “followers” that she found a wallet outside somewhere and handed it over to the sheriff. What a peach!

Her good deed apparently earned her good karma because two days later she reports receiving two campaign contributions.

Her last update is from Monday. She wrote that she had taken out her campaign filing papers and already gotten her first call from a reporter.

That call was placed by yours truly. If Kristen decides to become a candidate, she’ll soon realize that I’m the only reporter around here who would cover her and that it if she wants coverage, it’s better to return that call than announce it on Facebook. I’m still waiting.


Fremont council won’t seek to extend term limits

The only support Councilmember Bob Wieckwoski could muster for his proposal to ask voters to extend term limits from 8 years to 12 was from from former Mayor Gus Morrison.

Morrison argued that longer terms would allow Fremont lawmakers to wield more power on regional boards.

But none of the other council members wanted any part of it.

Here’s what Wasserman said: 

All in all I think it’s very healthy for a city to change.    I think term limits serve a purpose and work fine.

Sue Chan said that turnover is good and Anu Natarajan said term limits should be part of a larger discussion about whether to consider enlarging the council, having district elections, etc.



The City Council is discussing plans to turn the former NUMMI site and much of the surrounding land into a Redevelopment Area. Two interesting tidbits.

1) Toyota is supposed to put the  vacant northern and southern parcels on the market in “the next two days.”

2) The NUMMI site is assessed at about $1 billion, which equates to the city getting $1.5 million a year in property taxes. But about half of that valuation is equipment and machinery, some of which Toyota has already shipped off to other plants. And Tesla bought the plant for just $42 million. Put those together, and Fremont could be getting much less in property taxes in a couple of years.