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fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:

Officers called to a construction site on Farwell Drive and find a man standing in the electrical room. He resists and gets Tasered. Cops arrest a second man for trying to seal wires.

Firefighters had to extinguish a fully engulfed mobile home at the Besaro Mobile Home Park. Circumstances are suspicious, police say

From the wire:
A longer obit on Nathan Cox, Fremont soldier killed in Afghanistan

Matt Artz


  1. Any stories on the Fremont Art & Wine Festival – err I mean the Festival of Arts? With a last name like Artz (Arts) you’d think that would be a priority. I thought it was fun on Saturday. The Springsteen tribute band was pretty good. They put a lot of effort into it I thought. The Festival was well-attended as always.

  2. I spent Saturday morning chasing my 10 year old through the mob, then the afternoon keeping the steam trays in the food booth hot. I did manage to get him to stop long enough to pick out a tie dye shirt from the guy in the kilt. My son’s opinion was that the kiddie rides were really tame, but the bungee bounce was worth a repeat session. I saw someone complaining online about being harangued by fundamentalists, but if they were there I must have tuned them out trying to keep up with the kid. It looked like the usual huge crowd, wonder what the sales were like.

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