A few election tidbits

1) A drawing for the order City Council candidates will appear on the ballot was made with Vladamir Rodriguez getting the pole position and Councilmember Bill Harrison bringing up the rear. Here’s the order:

Vladimir Rodriguez
-Fazlur Khan
-Kristen Briggs
-Vinne Bacon
-Carl Flynn
-Linda Susoev
-Anu Natarajan
-Kathy Rhyu McDonald
-J. Timothy Herndon
-Bill Harrison

2) It’s looking like Ishan Shah will have more establishment support than Jan Giovannini-Hill. He’s got the endorsement of Mayor Bob Wasserman and outgoing Ohlone Trustee John Weed.

Matt Artz


  1. Ishan Shah STILL doesn’t have any issues content on his website.

    We’re letting him get off easy just because he’s young. If he were a 30-year old candidate, there’s no way we’d tolerate that.

    No community college experience, no issues content, no real dedication to community colleges beyond the fact that he can win a seat on the board.

    And yet we wonder how bad policy gets through?

  2. Joel,

    On the Thursday after all filings are closed, the Secretary of State draws a random alphabet for every election in the state to make the elections more fair than simply using the normal alphabet. Judy Zlatnik and JoNelle Zager probably would never have been elected otherwise.

  3. “..every election in the state…” – would include Fremonts City Council elections as well, Gus – did you mean “..every Ca State election ..” – ?

    If intended for “every” election in the state – Is this *required* to be used or is the decision to do so, left up to the good judgement of the Bell City Council (for example) to decide ?

    If the use is optional, what possible advantage is there to using your own resource (albeit minimal) to “randomize” ??

  4. The random alphabet is for every election in the state, including local elections and including Bell. I think there is one exception, where a district overlaps county boundaries. In that case, each county establishes a random alphabet for those seats. i.e. The 20th AD would have one alphabet in Alameda and a different one in Santa Clara. I think the goal is to minimize, as much as possible, the affect of ballot placement.

  5. Ishan writes on his webpage:

    “Check out a paper I whipped up explaining my big picture goal for Ohlone College, and why I’m the right guy to implement it!”

    01. Why should people vote for someone who whips up big picture goals for an institution? Big picture goals take time, care and thoughtfulness. Even if “whipped up” was simply a poor choice of words, why should people vote for someone brash enough to make that mistake.

    02. “…my big picture goals for Ohlone College” Does Ishan not understand that he, alone, does not get to make big picture goals, or even small picture goals for the district; that in fact the Ohlone board works together and guides the district cohesively through a consensus?

    03. “…and why I’m the right guy to implement it” Again, I repeat the question in # 02 above, but more to the point: Does Ishan feel that he and his plan are separate entities? It reads as if his plans needs to be implemented by someone, regardless, and by the way, we should have him do it.

    If Ishan believes he doesn’t have to watch what he says, even is a one sentence remark like this, can he truly be ready, can he be considered mature enough to run for office?

  6. Ishan, # 4, No, I am not interested! You are running for a Trustee At Ohlone College and you have just graduated from High School, what is wrong with this picture?
    How do you stand on the development on the frontage property on the college campus on Mission Blvd in Mission San Jose. That will explain a lot to all of us.

  7. Ishan – interesting “Big Picture” piece, thanks for putting this together.

    In crafting this piece, I think you might have missed a very important opportunity. Specifically, not all who attend Community Colleges and then finish their graduate requirements elsewhere “..can not afford the tuition of 4 year universities for ALL of those 4 years.”

    As an effective representative of the Community College district, I urge you to become more aware of factors which will weigh in the minds of many who will consciously CHOOSE to complete 2 years at the CC level and then continue on to graduate at the U.C. (or other) level.

    Consider –

    1. If wisely managed, core studies can be completed at the CC level for a much reduced cost-per-unit with full transferability to a 4 year degree .

    2. Students transfering as Juniors into University, are frequently *attractive* to U.C. or other schools who are looking to back-fill headcount losses incurred in their various programs resulting from attrition, whereas, entering as Freshman is always a highly competitive process.

    3. CC students who eventually graduate with a 4-year degree earn the very same diploma as those who choose to spend the additional resource to complete all four years at University.

    Certainly there are other benefits associated with writing 4 years of tuition checks to the same institution, but, the CC program offers a very attractive value proposition for many who CHOOSE this less-glamorous path.

    I hope you will help to promote this kind of awareness with your next opportunity to do so.

  8. Nobody has said what needs to be said here, and that surprises me: JAN G-HILL IS INCOMPETENT. The lady has actually run for this seat before, and is doing so for the second time around and I still know nothing about her, or where she stands on any issues. She doesn’t have a website, and isn’t out in public voicing her opinions. How can I vote for somebody like that?! Don’t feed me the line about her working at cal state east bay for the last X amount of years either because I’M NOT BUYING IT.

    Take a look at that. She’s a sodding “work study coordinator”. Nothing more than a low level nobody.

    AA seems to have taken great delight in ripping Ishan’s paper to shreds over bull that has absolutely no relevance. You ninny, why would you attack a politician for having a long term plan? Doesn’t that mean that they’re in it for the long haul? That they aren’t just using this office as a stepping stone to bigger ones?

    Same with California Guy, “You are running for a Trustee At Ohlone College and you have just graduated from High School, what is wrong with this picture?” I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. IT MAKES PERFECT BLOODY SENSE. Lord knows its been a while since we saw that in fremont politics. Who better to vote on issues concerning students than somebody with comprehensive, and what seems to be first hand, knowledge of the situation? This is like Vinny not getting on the Planning Commission all over again. The man has a Cal degree in planning, but couldn’t get on the planning commission. Ishan is an Ohlone student who wont be able to get on to the Ohlone Board unless people start realizing who the alternative is: A LADY WHO WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. Vinny was the most qualified and the “machine” shoved him out in favor of a noname. Open your eyes people, its happening again.

  9. Zippy makes a convincing pitch.

    The only additional thought I would add is that while Ms. Giovanni-Hill has not taken the time to make her positions public, we *do* know that she has not been publically endorsed by either Wasserman or Dutra.

  10. Well zippy, Ishan has at least one vote.
    I do not like negative innuendo’s or outright attacks on candidates
    Lets stay with the facts.
    I do not know who Jan Giovanninii-Hill is but I will find out.
    Anyone that does not have the Dutra, Wasserman endorsement will get my vote, btw Wasserman has endorsed Ishan.

  11. You’re such a hypocrite Califronia Guy. Not be be rude mate, but you get all worked up every time somebody even mentions Vinny. You’re obsessed with the names behind a candidate instead of with the candidate themselves. That’s not a good way to vote. To each their own I guess. I just never thought I’d find myself in agreement with Marty against somebody else.


    Good luck finding any information on her, I tried for hours last night after posting. I couldn’t find anything. Please share with us if you do.
    Ishan’s second link was quite a doozy. Wasn’t aware the college put “strategies” to work. However I do agree that receiving apportionment for students it seems the college already caters to makes fiscal sense.

  12. Zippy, I have asked Ishan here on the blog about his stand on developing the frontage of Ohlone College on Mission Blvd.
    Ishan has not answered. He is being backed by developers, what do you think zippy.
    Should we put a strip mall and condo’s and replace the Olive tree’s.

  13. Ishan, your articles are rather weak considering you’re supposed to be some political whiz kid who doesn’t have to work all summer.

    You say you have ‘completed extensive coursework at the college’. Didn’t you just graduate high school? Exactly how many classes is ‘extensive’?

    You say you have new ideas. Neither of your articles has new ideas. You say ‘My number one priority is to keep Ohlone on this track.’ How is this innovative?

    Let’s be blunt. You have NO business experience. Your father does. If my dad is a doctor, can I say I have a ‘medical background’?

    Zippy, if you know nothing about Jan Hill how do you know she’s incompetent? It’s pretty hipocritical to put down Jan’s job when your candidate has never even had a real job.

  14. Can you blame the guy? He posts a link and gets murdered. Can you imagine what would happen if he started talking about development of all things on THIS particular blog? All we can do is pick the candidates who are going to best serve OHLONE COLLEGE. So stop trying to distract the conversation in this race from being about EDUCATION. Its a college board seat!!!! I want to know about their plans for the school. We lost the frontage battle when teresa cox joined the board, giving Dutra the majority. So get over it and focus on what matters here.

  15. Time out DBoil, my candidate? I’m playing devil’s advocate in what was a very one sided conversation. Nobody is going to be “my candidate” until I complete the arrow next to his or her name. Jan has plenty of time to win me over. I’m just saying she has a proven track record of not bothering.

  16. I’m going to go out on a limb here and address some things…

    You say you have ‘completed extensive coursework at the college’. Didn’t you just graduate high school? Exactly how many classes is ‘extensive’?

    I’ve been taking courses at Ohlone College for the last 4 years.

    You say you have new ideas. Neither of your articles has new ideas. You say ‘My number one priority is to keep Ohlone on this track.’ How is this innovative?

    The way I intend to do it is where innovation comes into play. Expansion of Dual Enrollment strategies isn’t exactly something that’s been at the forefront of the Trustee Meetings. Understandable since we were dealing with getting the bond on the ballot. If elected, I’m going to be there to start this conversation. By coming up with new ideas, we’ll keep Ohlone on track. The solutions of yesterday aren’t going to keep fixing the problems of tomorrow.

    Let’s be blunt. You have NO business experience. Your father does. If my dad is a doctor, can I say I have a ‘medical background’?

    I’ve worked at each and every single one of my father’s stores. I’ve been a cashier, I’ve been the guy that packages boxes in the back, I’ve helped my dad do the payroll…the list goes on and on. Small business is what allowed my family to pull itself up by the bootstraps. I’m very proud to have been there for my dad when he needed my help running the stores.

    As for work experience:
    I’ve worked at Magiclamp Networks, a local web-design company.
    I’ve interned for both Congressman Stark and Mayor Wasserman.
    I’ve done medical rotations at Rutgers University Hospital (Robert Wood Johnson) and St. Peter’s Hospital.
    I’ve volunteered for Furry Friends Rescue.
    I’ve worked at my family’s UPS stores, and Quiznos.
    I’ve independently lobbied in Washington D.C.
    I founded the National Junior Basketball High School Division in South Fremont.
    I was the press coordinator for the Save Fremont Students Workforce.

  17. Zippy, don’t insult our intelligence. Your obviously on Ishan’s side. You called Jan ‘INCOMPETENT’ but now say she could win you over?

    Ishan now has several questions outstanding that he, not you, should answer.

  18. Zippy — you have stepped over the line. Attacking a candidate personally is unfair and dishonorable.

    For Matt Artz & Steve Waterhouse (editor) to allow this kind of attacks are despicable. It has been a constant theme with the Argus and Tri-City Beat to attack democratic candidates. It started with Albeto Torrico, then Trish Tahmasbi, and continues now to include Jan Giovanni-Hill. Steve Waterhouse and his son have openly endorsed and campaigned for Garrett Yee and Liz Figueroa. Matt Artz frequently writes chummy articles for Garrett and others. There is a conflict of interest for the local newspaper to take stands on local elections, and someone needs to step down.

    Jan Giovanni-Hill has paid her dues and had worked hard at Cal State East bay. She has been involved with her community and has been an active part of the July 4th parade. She is highly organized and dedicated. She barely lost the last time she ran for Ohlone. Give her time – she only declared last week for god’s sake.

    Ishan — lets see–first he wants to run for City council, now he wants to run for Ohlone, and he wants to leave the seat in 2 years and run for council..he sounds like another ambititous politician. he has gone as far as to say that he will run for congress or even become the president. Did you look at his video? It looked like the Taliban had held them up and forced Ishan and John Dutra to make their forced speeches.

    In my opinion, Ishan is not qualified to run for doggy catcher. Other than go to high school, he really has no track record of service and I can’t trust my vote to someone who may leave mid-way or use this as a stepping stone for higher office. Ohlone needs consistency and for that I will vote for Garrett & Jan.

  19. I see the FCN faithful are still wearing their blinders, slinging insults to posters and candidates, then turning around with a straight face and accusing others of being coarse, or in the bag, or whatever line of bulls__t that appears to elevate them to a more intellectual station.

    All you can do is point out their lies and hypocrisy, and hope one day they return to their corner with their tail between their legs, as was the fate of Perry and Lifer.

    PS – Cheers to Ishan for ending all discussion of inexperience by dropping the bomb of which is his impressive resume. Not bad for a few months of adult life.

  20. Interesting that Ishan came online to answer questions. Yet, he didn’t answer the frontage development issue.

    It’s a simple question, what’s your position on it? Tell us in a public space like this (aka in front of John Dutra).

  21. Marty,
    Speaking of lies and hypocisey, you are a developer!

    Could Marty be Dominic Dutra, wow, that explains so
    much. His attacks on Kathy McDonald and Vinnie Bacon is because they are the only threat to the status quo which is no longer acceptable. He is definitly a member of the “Good Ole Boys” that are running Fremont as a candy store for developers

  22. Echoing what Marty said, glad that’s all done with. What a great resume for somebody so young. Yeah Dboil, you caught me. I’m probably voting for Ishan over Jan. I feel at the moment that Jan would make an awful Trustee. I’m saying she could always try to convince me otherwise. But, she’s made no effort to do so. I’m inclined to believe there are others who feel the same way.

  23. CaliGuy, I’m not a developer. I just was trying to make Niles Baxter feel important with that little joke the other day.

  24. Sadly for Mr. Ishan, his resume is probably a dime a dozen in relation to his fellow classmates.

  25. Ishan, not a bad answer and I commend you for trying. Your work experience is highly inflated. Dual Enrollment strategies are not your idea. Your arrogance (and ziipys) is very distasteful. I’m voting for the person with 30+ years experience working at a community college. I’m with CalGuy as far as Wasserman and Dutra. Their endorsement is a negative for me.

    Marty, you have taken it upon yourself to be the anonymous attack dog for the Dutra-backed candidates by constantly trying to smear their opposition. It must annoy you to no end that candidates refusing developer support are gaining in popularity. I did have an open mind about Ishan. Once he jumped in bed with the Dutras just to get elected to some office I lost respect for him.

  26. I see campaigning is shifting into high gear.

    Bobbie W. posted some signage at Decoto and Paseo in the last day or two . . .

    Coincidentally, the sign that Bacon had previously posted in very nearly the same location . . . . disappeared !

  27. Looks like the Bacon folks took a swing in the direction of persistance, Vinnie’s signage at Paseo and Decoto was back up by Monday . . .

    Interestingly it had, yet again, disappeared by Tuesday morning . .

    In this now (seemingly) ongoing battle over signage, Weickowski remains unscathed.

  28. So much for the free, open and democratic process of elections. What’s the penalty for the illegal removal of campaign signs?

  29. What incentive does Weikowski have to take down a Bacon poster?

    [bbox]Is it the same logic that is (seemingly) supported by the incumbent factions and or such as, The Iraq?[/bbox]

  30. This is disappointing. I didn’t notice any behavior like this in 2008.

    To be fair to Bobby, I think his signs were there from the primary in June.

  31. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much . . .

    I’m unclear as to what “logic” Marty is alluding to . . A simple re-read of the above thread indicates that mine have all been simple observations of fact . . . Which begs the question – “What’s YOUR problem, Marty ??”

    (Made one too many trips through the coffee drive thru perhaps ?)

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