Bikini-clad Baristas


If you’ve been to Your Coffee Cups in Warm Springs, these two ladies shouldn’t be strangers. They’re baristas Natasha Berg and Rosanna Ortiz, who wear bikinis while serving coffee.

The little coffee hut on Warm Springs Boulevard at Mission Ct. used to be Island Java, where servers covered their navels.  ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Berg, an English major at SF State, said the place, which serves Mr. Expresso coffee, doubled its sales over its first two weeks.

Most of the customers are men, and a few women have been disagreable, Berg said. Some even decided not to buy coffee after seeing the baristas’ outfits.

“You have to talk to the girls a little more so they see you’re not an idiot in a bikini,”  Berg said.


Matt Artz


  1. I used to work at this exact same coffee hut when I was in High School and I’m glad the workers are now better looking. A LOT better looking.

    What do they do in the winter?

  2. I think it is pretty nasty! First safety reasons. IF they drop hot coffee on themselves they will get burned. And second I don’t think it’s sanitary. Gross

  3. I’m with you, Dee. Have we really come all that far? Unfortunately, a lot of young women are not educated about what daily life was like for women back before they won the hard-earned right to be seen as more than their bra size. I’m sure these are capable young women; surely they have more to offer than just exposed skin. They’re playing into all of the old stereotypes about women that deserve to remain in the past.

  4. That is creepy and icky….hope they have baseball bats to fend of all the guys sitting in the parking lot doing you know what just like they do at the park. GROSS!

  5. forgot to say there parents must be so proud…look mom I am in the paper….YUCK!

  6. I know for you old timers that it’s hard to accept the current social role of women, and what they’re capable of achieving intellectually while at the same time being comfortable with their sexuality. This is a modern concept, and I wouldn’t expect those who grew up during the ancient history of the civil rights movements to understand such a concept any more than I’d expect Georg Ohm to know how to use an iPad.

    But to flaunt your moral conservatism like this is unbecoming of such proud progressives. This brand of querelle des femmes belongs to the Taliban, or at least the “700 Club”. Shame.

  7. I will first correct Volunteer’s spelling – I believe you meant ‘their’ parents. “There” refers to a location, whereas “their” is the possessive term I believe you intended. Anyway, I am a parent of a Coffee Cups barrista and yes, I am proud of her. Proud, because she has been resourceful and enterprising in seeking this job plus two others in order to help fund her third year in college. As our economy disintegrates and deflates and loses jobs, these types of jobs will likely be some of the only ones available, and I am glad that my daughter is willing to do what she can rather than sit back and say she can’t find work.

  8. Marty,

    I don’t have a problem with what the baristas are doing, because I do think it is done in fun. (I’m with you Margo, it is impossible for students to get a job these days.)

    That said, women have fought for centuries not to be treated like breeding stock or objectified as sex toys. Are there young men in town pulling off their shirts to bring in business? Not that I’ve heard…

    So, naturally some may see this type of sales pitch as a step back, just as some people fear that making anyone with dark complexions pull out their proof of citizenship is an insult to the whole civil rights movement.

    Sadly, Marty’s snide and insulting remarks show that he’s never understood what the fuss was all about in the first place. His sexism is only slightly less disturbing than his ageism. Guess we’ll just have to wait for him to grow up.

  9. FL, Your willingness to dilute the word “sexism” in this context to only bolster an argument you’ve obviously lost makes you a piss poor proponent of women’s rights.

  10. We should be looking at the root cause of the problem, which is the bureaucratic business process designed to only benefit those who are cronies to city leadership. It is well known that starting a business in Fremont is much much more difficult than most cities. I suppose this leaves our young fewer job opportunity while facing an increasing tax burden to fund the bloated bureaucracy and their golden retirement package. It’s time for new leadership if we hope to see better days for next generation.

  11. It surprises me not in the least, that my friend Marty chooses to simplify the choices made by these young ladies as simple pragmatism in a “modern” society.

    Whether it is through the flashing of a little more skin or the spewing of inflamatory and pointless “hot talk”, marketing (of all kinds) has degenerated to the least common denominator in many instances.

    While at one level our actions, choices, and words are, as Marty suggest, simple, pragmatic, and business-like decisions, they are also a reflection of our personal taste and pride, and, over time, build a foundation of something called reputation.

    Some of us value a reputation as a matter of pride, and others are capable of disassociating personal choices from pride out of necessity . . . some just dont care.

  12. I’m sure many have made the argument that abortion should be legal based on a woman’s right to choose, and that women should be allowed to control their bodies without the influence of moralists.

    Now we have two women who have made a choice of freewill. Even one of the woman’s mother has given her support. And the progressives… strike that… moralists show their true intent.

    Sorry to say to you self described torchbearers of human rights, you are full of it. You are ideological zombies. You believe in nothing but your own emotions.

  13. If there is an entity that benefits from these kinds of unabated, personalized rantings it can only be the badly damaged psyche of one individual or the more pragmatic needs of a business entity desirous of increased “traffic” and “eyeballs”.

    Coincidentally, both have openly demonstrated disdain for the same list of social values and community organizations.

  14. Box #14, Talk about an “unabated ranting”!

    Try in place of your pseudo-intellectual prose an explanation, in intelligible English, where I inferred the girl’s decisions were a “pragmatic, and business-like decision”.

    I have no idea why these girls are deciding to do this. I just think those who criticize them on moral grounds should worry about what their own daughters are doing behind closed doors.

    And one who’d accuse another of being “sexist” because they defend that a woman can be intellectual force and still exhibit sexuality is an idiot.

  15. I agree with Marty. Just because someone is in a bikini doesnt mean they are stupid. Thats akin to saying ban football in schools and make the kids play chess all day. If the girls are happy doing what they do, who the heck are we to comment on it. If you dont like it, dont go there! simple

  16. FL you said “That said, women have fought for centuries not to be treated like breeding stock or objectified as sex toys.”

    Your statement is too generic. Beautiful women use their assets to control and manipulate men and they will never want to give up on that. The lookswise not so fortunate women are the ones who have to work hard and compete with guys on a level field. A good looking women working the sales side of your business has a leg up on a woman whose looks are ordinary. We all know it, so lets stop pretending

  17. This has become boring and so, to finish it off, let’s randomly say the word “Nazi” and let the discussion end.

    It’s the law.

  18. Only an idiot parent could be proud of their daughter doing this. Okay, you may have failed at “momhood” but really, turning her out like this? Whats next . . . letting her charge a little more for some extra “cream” Sick. Maybe that gov’t school was all that great afterall … but it was free . . .

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