Fremont exit exam results

Have I mentioned I’m also the Fremont education reporter, at least for the next month or so? Pray for me, Ivy.

Well Fremont Unified made my job easy today with a handy-dandy press release about the district’s performance on the high school exit exam.

Overall, 89 percent of of Fremont 10th graders passed the English test on their first attempt, compared to 81 percent in the state. And 90 percent passed the math test compared to 81 in the state.

In 2008, 87 percent of Fremont students passed the English portion and 88 percent passed the math section.

Kennedy High had the greatest increase. It’s English scores rose 5 percent from 77 to 82 percent passing. Kennedy’s math scores went up 3 percent from 80 to 83 percent passing.

Irvington saw its passing rates increase from 88 to 91 percent in English and from 89 to 92 percent in math.

Special ed students saw a 7 percent increase in English and a 10 percent increase in math.

Passing rates for continuation school students rose 20 percent in English and 11 percent in math

There’s still an achievement gap.

That’s all the infor the district put out. Not sure I’ll have time to look up more stats.

Matt Artz