No more Naka Nursery

The Nakamura family vacated the Naka Nursery and Mission Adobe Garden Center along Niles Boulevard earlier this month. As you can see, it looks pretty bare.


The city is preparing to invite nursery businesses to bid for lease of the 11-acre city-owned property. One very possible scenario is for Regan’s Nursery – the last major nursery in Fremont – to take over the spot.

Regan’s is on city-owned land at Decoto Road and Fremont Boulevard, that was set aside for the Route 84 project that never materialized. If Regan’s moved to the Naka site, which is a park and unavailable for development, the city could sell the current Regan’s site and make some money on the land sale. A request for bidders on the Naka site is expected to be released in late September. Regan’s has already expressed interest, city folks said.

There’s also a new nonprofit sustainable agriculture group in town, LEAF. They plan to bid for the 11-acre site, which they would use for community and display gardens, but the city is apprehensive about turning over the land to a fledgling nonprofit.

However, LEAF is about to take over maintenance of the adjacent rose garden, seen below.


Matt Artz