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fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:

A middle-aged man went bonkers Thursday after getting a haircut he didn’t like at the Top Hair Cut salon, 39435 Fremont Blvd.  After the salon person refused to refund his money, he assaulted the salon person and took $25 from the register.

A perp didn’t have the decency to take off his motorcycle helmet before robbing the Patelco Credit Union at gunpoint Thursday.  He got what he wanted from the joint at 5166 Mowry Ave., and fled on a silver motorcycle. Cops thought they might have found him on I-880 in Hayward, but it was the wrong guy.

Matt Artz

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  1. Patelco has a buzzer at their locked door, or at least they used to. Don’t you have to be buzzed in to get into that place? Good rule to have: Don’t let anyone in unless they take off their helmet.

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