Bikini Barista the video

I got a call from a Seattle band today pitching their bikini barista song. It’s good, and the video is great. Interesting how the Seattle baristas incorporate pasties into their outfits. Nice touch. The band dude said several of the Seattle coffee shacks have theme days like Fantasy Friday and School Girl Tuesday.

Here’s the video:

Matt Artz


  1. There oughta be a law! Yeah, whatever. There real problem is there are so many calories in those coffees.

  2. Love you sense of humor Matt…I will stick with Starbucks..lol. I like the band 🙂

  3. I’m going to have to read at least five Gloria Steinem columns to get over this video.

  4. Have we learned nothing? If we’re going to openly practice sexual exploitation, we should at least be diverse (remember equal rights?). Where, I ask you, are the bare chested guys? If you’ve ever taken a peek (no pun intended) at your local Chippendales, you’ll realize that women would enjoy some service as well. Maybe Robert Martinez (and his wife) can have their sons don a speedo and work off their college debts!

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