Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

Officer Todd Young had an additional surgery Sunday, which went well.  He will have more procedures this week and he is currently sedated.

A bicyclist sustained major injuries Saturday when he/she crashed into the rear of a parked vehicle in the area of Paseo Padre Parkway and Durham Road. He/She was taken to San Jose Regional Hospital.

Police are investigating an auto fire on Carribean Common Saturday as a possible arson.

A woman was at home with her two children Sunday when she saw a naked man outside her home masturbating. Officers caught the man, a sex registrant, who moved from Hayward to Fremont last week.

From Facebook:
From the photos I’m seeing, I might have been the only person who missed Anu Natarajan’s campaign kickoff party Friday evening. Lots of interesting pairings in attendance: Nadia Lockyer and Liz Figueroa as well as Sue Chan and Trisha Tahmasbi. If I showed, I probably would have been stuck chit-chatting with Marshak.

In this photo, you’ve got Ray Tong, the man who’s supposed build Fremont’s Berkeley Bowl Supermarket, John Dutra, Jr., Sue Chan and some dude I don’t know.

And here is Anu with the always cheerful Dirk Lorenz, who the council could vote to join them on the dais next year after Bob Wieckowski departs to Sacramento.

Matt Artz