Niles Flea Market

Can anyone make an argument that the Niles Flea Market isn’t the best annual event in Fremont? I’d take endless tchotchkes and $1.50 tamales over $40 wind chimes and $9 margaritas any day.

Here’s what we wrote about it.

And here’s what I bought:
Only $5 for a portable grill

This Germany re-unification beer stein was made in W. Germany.

Matt Artz


  1. Flea Markets should a permanent event in all the Districts of Fremont in these difficult economic times to help the middle and low income people. This will also encourage and create entrepreneurs of small businesses.85% of the jobs are created by small businesses.

    The recently opened Good Will Store a non profit, has employed 14 people and 2 intrans from Cancer Society. Their premises is being renovated by employing several people. There is about 11 million square feet of retail/office space available in Fremont, therefore we have to support, respect end encourage small businesses.

  2. Kind of a waste of coals just to grill some fancy mushrooms. I’ll give you $3 for it.

  3. Good point, Marty. I’ll trade to you for a non-stick wok and belgian waffle maker.

  4. Holy bikini baristas! Is Niles starting to move in the right & good direction or what? Welcome to LEAF, a new town center/fire station and maybe Regans Nursery. Hell Morley Safer even loves Niles!
    But beware ya all for the likes of Vinnie Bacon-ate-or and Kathy “E- i- E -i -O” McDonald like to KILL things that would be beneficial our fair city like the Fremont A’s for example. Don’t be surprised “if elected” these anti business lemon tree planters put an end to Niles Antique Faire. While were at it will chief Steckler please explain why Joe’s Corner in Niles get a new liquor license, but the Derby Club can’t?

  5. Interesting question Charlie C. . ..

    I speculate that the number of “issued” licenses at the time of Joe’s application versus present day has resulted in an approval, or maybe the difference between a “wine and beer” license “Joe’s” versus hard liquor (?)

    A much more interesting question is to ask why you’d be a fan of the stadium, which would reliably dump several hundred legal drunks onto your streets following any given game, but, you simultaneously attempt to present an appearance of managing problems associated with alcohol-serving establishments through the aforementioned permitting process . .

    This can only be logic that our current council members (and their myriad candidate – supporters) could lay claim to.

  6. Charlie, You obviously support the political status quo, that is not acceptable.
    Perhaps you are one of the few, that are represented by our city mayor and council, that support the few insiders but not all the residents of Fremont.

  7. Charlie. Small businesses can no longer afford to pay more taxes to support current political status quo and big businesses. Why are you supporting subsidies and corporate welfare? The benefit you claimed is a smoke screen. Vinnie and Kathy are helping to shield Fremont citizens from the situation like this (see link below)


  8. Bikini clad baristas might be pushing the legal limits but I had no idea there was such a thing as a legal drunk? Thanks to Small Business Owner for reminding us what disaster ATT Park has been to the city of San Francisco. In a few years when new Marlins ballpark saves Miami you and Jeff Passan should get together and feast on a big plate of crow. It’s a sad day indeed when the reasonable among us agree and even support the political status quo with our noses plugged for sure. Professional baseball would have the best thing to ever come to Fremont and our mayor and city council are spot on for supporting it. Fear not because you got Vinnie “kill baseball and plant a lemon tree” Bacon and Kathy “E- i- E -i -O” is it time for a riot yet McDonald in your corner!

  9. Come on – Charlie – you’re smarter than that –

    You understand the concept of “legally drunk” – as in, over the legal limit . . as in blood-alcohol of greater than 0.08% . . it’s not a tough concept to grasp. . .

  10. From SBO’s link: …the centerpiece fiscal argument that resulted in local governments gifting them a new stadium that will cost generations of taxpayers an estimated $2.4 billion.

    As I recall, the A’s were going to fund the construction of the ballpark and the county was to provide the land, all at a point in history when the NUMMI lot was slated to sit vacant for a generation. Fremont was to provide the infrastructure that they’d likely provide regardless of the development.

    I think most supporters of a ballpark would not have supported it if the city was to be on the hook for millions, let alone billions. So, using the Marlin’s situation as a predictor does not fly with me.

  11. Marty is right.

    Any details of the stadium transaction are speculative and subject to what would have been or will be a significant negotiation. Lew would be a shrewd negotiator and has years of experience with which to finesse his side of the negotiations.

    Fremont has it’s council and staff.

    Unfortunately, those who would be responsible for forecasting economic risk/reward and then negotiating to a pre-determined outcome, have struggled considerably with matters of much less sophistication.

    For example, there’s little reason to believe we possess the sophistication required to work a deal with Lew, when we can’t even figure out how to – early on – identify and mitigate, the parking/traffic concerns of existing tenants and property owners, as opposed to waiting and speculating and frittering away time and money. There was no Pac Com plan unless Catellus and the tenants agreed to it. . . but after months, that one issue which was even discussed openly and VERY early on in local BLOGS by residents, was the veritable straw that broke the deal.

    Marty, we can’t figure out how to bill a residential false alarm, and make money doing so, or to accurately project tax revenue from year to year – HOW YOU GONNA PROJECT COST/BENEFIT OF A STADIUM and then negotiate a beneficial deal for the people of Fremont ?????!!!!!!!

    Some stadium fanatic will question what these simple little matters have to do with a stadium deal and the answer is that they demonstrate (or refute) our skills at grasping a concept, forecasting its impact and negotiation to an outcome. From these (and other) examples, our grasp of fundamentals is lacking, and there’s no one on the council that is questioning why.

    So, using our councils behaviour in past matters as a predictor of what we are or are not capable of, is NOT speculative, and as a result, it DOES fly with me.

    And, while we’re sitting on our thumbs dreaming about what might have been and what to do with all that land that is you and others are so quick to remind us is vacant and idle . . . others are already doing something about it – – –


  12. Have another shot of Everclear Box and let’s discuss “legal drunks”. To be legally drunk one would have to have a level of alcohol (0.08% ) in the blood that exceeds a maximum prescribed by law. That would be illegal. Therefore be drunk would be illegal and if not you would be sober and legal. That should be your goal. There is no such thing as a “legal drunk”…get it?

  13. See, I knew you’d get it, Charlie !

    The point was that Freemont would openly promote a stadeeum, with all of the attendant issues, problems and opportunities – including hundreds of folks exiting the stadeeumm in a condition known as “legally drunk”, having served up many 1000’s of beers to patrons – – – – but would deny a private business the right to sell a few drinks . . . because . . . ???????

    You seem to be a much brighter guy than I . . . maybe you can figure THIS one out, too.

  14. Box, I’ll admit that you’re making a half-assed point here. But remember that NUMMI has been churning out a continuous stream legally drunk schlubs for decades, and your leader, Kathy McDonald has remained as dainty and proper as ever.

  15. Mr Box you half-assed legal drunk you. Take some advise and go back to the 7th grade… reedoo bone head English & most of all cut back on the Everclear! Kathy McDonald and all the peoples from your planet are never gunna quit luvin ya!

  16. Ummm, hey Charlie, just between you and I, I usually stay away from the petty misspellings and grammatical corections but (God knows I’ve had my share !), but since you brought it up . . . I’m pretty sure that by the time I finished seventh grade, I knew the difference between “advice” and “advise”.

    Oh and, let me *advise* you that if you want to use it as an adjective, you put the two words TOGETHER to make one – – — as in the example “The bonehead demonstrated a poor understanding of the english language.”

    All that said, I am certain that members of our current council are proud to have you as one of obviously staunch supporters !

  17. The Oakland A’s Mascot during the 70’s was Charley C or Charely O, I have forgotten but the mascot was a ass.

  18. Marty: will all “due” respect – when it comes to “half assed comments” – YOU are most qualified!

  19. Regarding post 16: Absolutely ostentatious!

    What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty!

    Say it’s not true… to be mocked by a Box!

    Box I’m worried. Has anyone told you that insecurity is just oozing and oozing out of you! By the way what was seventh grade like in Germany back in 1937?

    Must be real special to have the likes of the always dainty Ms. McDonald and Vinnie Lemon Bacon in your corner to help you out with your insecurity.

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