Pumpkin Justice

Two weeks ago we wrote about vandals smashing almost all of the pumpkins at the  Azevada Elementary School garden.


Well, if newspapers serve any purpose these days it’s to dispense guilt and seek empathy, and, sure enough, folks answered the call.

The school has received pledges for more than 300 pumpkins — that’s more than they had in the garden and almost enough for every student. Yesterday Carl and Stephanie Stoloski donated a 98-pound pumpkin to replace the giant pumpkin that the vandals stabbed to death.


On Monday, The Agricultural Institute of Marin, which runs the Newark Farmer’s Market, donated 150 pumpkins and 25 young winter season plants (seen below).


Good O’le Dale Hardware donated new wooden flag poles that the vandals had broken stabbing to death the giant pumpkin. And Mrs. Joyce Azevada, a relative by marriage of the school’s namesake has promised to deliver some pumpkins from her garden when they’re good and ready.


Kidango Rally

Fremont-based nonprofit child care provider Kidango is so pissed about the state’s budget they closed all their locations today and marched from Central Park to Fremont BART, and took that train all the way to Oakland where they marched some more.

We didn’t get any photos of the Fremont march, which started at 8 a.m., but we did shoot some photos of the Downtown Oakland rally, like this one:



American High tops Mission San Jose High

The same outfit that earlier this month named like a gazillion Mission San Jose High School students National Merit Scholorship semifinalists just announced semifinalists for its National Achievement Scholarship Program, which is also based on PSAT scores.

This time Mission only had one recipient and American High School had two. Newark and Union City didn’t have any, nor did any other public Fremont high school.

The reason for so few winners? The National Achievement Scholarship Program is only open for students of African descent.


F-mont is a boy-dominated city

I’m still looking at census results

Although there’s a high margin of error for these stats, the most interesting thing I see is that Fremont’s male/female ratio is out of whack among the youth.

If you do a little math using the census figures you’ll find that there are way more boys than girls under the age of 18.

Here are the figures or Fremont’s 17 and under population
Boys: 27,806 (58 percent)
Girls: 20,227 (42 percent)

The odds of having a boy child in industrialized nations is 51.2 percent.

Let’s look at Berkeley’s 17 and under population. It’s much more even:
male     7,314 (50.45 percent)
female  7,183 (49.55 percent)

Same with the City of Alameda’s 17 and under population
male     7,036 (51.6 percent)
female  6,592 (48.4 percent)

It’s interesting. But there’s not enough data to draw any conclusions from these numbers, which, again, are not as precise as what we’ll see when the actual census is released early next year. Nevertheless, I’ll be curious to see school enrollment data from Fremont Unified.

Overall, Fremont has a less overwhelming male majority across all age groups
Males       108,586 (52.8 percent)
Females    96,935 (47.2 percent)

However, there are a lot more old women in Fremont than old men
For the age 65 and older population:
Males      9,443 (43.9 percent)
Females 12,052 (56.1 percent)


Latest Fremont Census Figures

The Census Bureau released its 2009 American Community Survey Report on Tuesday. It’s the last report that concerns Fremont until the big 10-year census is released.

According to the feds, Fremont is home to just 205,521 people, a majority of whom have Y-chromosomes.

The stats are nearly identical to when the Census Bureau released its 2005 Survey.
Asians are still a plurality with 49.4 percent of Fremont’s population
Whites are 39.5 percent of the population

There are an estimated 34,032 people of Indian descent in Fremont and 34,296 people of Chinese descent, although the margin of error is +/- about 5,000

For much, much more, click here.


City Council Meeting Wrap-up

PG&E was here to discuss the pipeline that runs through Fremont that is listed the second most dangerous in the system.

The pipeline runs through Mission San Jose north of I-680 and then cuts through Irvington across Washington Boulevard and Osgood Road.

PG&E promised they’d repair it by the end of 2012.

There’s a lot PG&E still hasn’t told the city, such as why it’s listed as the second most at-risk pipeline or whether there are automatic shut-off valves.

But Fire Chief Bruce Martin says he’s seen enough info and talked to enough PG&E folks that he doesn’t think the pipeline is an imminent danger.

PG&E is doing engineering studies on the pipeline and still determining if they’ll have to replace the pipeline in parts or just reinforce it. The pipeline was built around 1947-48, which makes it a little older than the one that blew in San Bruno.

For a good look at where the pipeline runs, click here.


Tri-City Democratic Forum also rejects Yee

Here are the endorsements for the Tri-City Democratic Forum.

Just like the county’s Democratic Party Central Committee, the Forum only voted to endorse Jan Giovannini-Hill for Ohlone College Trustee representing Fremont. Incumbent Garrett Yee and Ishan Shah couldn’t muster the 60 percent of the vote necessary for the endorsement.

Also no endorsement for New Haven Unified.  To see the endorsements, click where it says to click Continue Reading


Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:
A man returned to his home on the 47000 block of Galindo Drive to find two burglars inside his home. The burglars ran out of the house and got into a car with Nevada plates and took off.

From the wire:
Fremont Unified gets $6 million from feds
Deal Completed: HP buys Fremont’s 3-Par
Fremont tech firm gets $21 million in new round of private equity
Bulletin writes about Fremont student test scores.


Clean Technology visit

Guess where Jerry Brown is going to be Monday to talk about clean energy and all that Jazz?


Sorry Solaria, Moonbeam will be orbiting around Newark’s PetersenDean Roofing and Solar Systems – to discuss his opposition to Prop. 23, his plan to create 500,000 green jobs and his opponent’s intention to roll back California’s clean air and energy standards.


Fremont News of the Day


From the cops:

Rival gangs fired shots a block or so from City Hall Tuesday just before 1 p.m. Tuesday. Gangsters in a black Honda fired about six shots at Norteno gang members in a silver Toyota. No one was hurt. Bot parties fled the scene but the shooters were later arrested in San Leandro.

Police arrested a man who told them a crook had brandished a gun in the parking lot of Diamond Palace, near the interstection of Peralta and Maple. Police surrounded Diamond Palace and ordered out the occupants, but there was no one with a handgun. The supposed victim was then arrested for being under the influence.