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Hard to believe that I haven’t blogged about Ishan since he locked John Dutra in his basement and made him film that Ohlone College endorsement.

Now the news is that County Supervisor Scott Haggerty has nominated Ishan for a seat on the county’s Human Relations Commission.

There actually is political significance to this. Last month, county Democrats couldn’t decide whether to endorse Ishan or his main rival, Jan Giovannini-Hill, for the Ohlone College Board. That amounted to a win for Ishan, since Giovannini-Hill is very active in Tri-City Democratic Forum.

The nomination from Haggerty, who’s now a Democrat, show more establishment support for Ishan and it pads is resume a bit.

Matt Artz


  1. Way to go, Ishan. You just joined the status-quo politician club when people are asking for something fresh in local politics. How come you flip-flopped from City Council to Ohlone College. Any backroom dealing that caused the change so that you can get endorsements while trying to avoid a split in Indian community vote if you run against Anu Natarajan.

  2. The 98% people of Fremont are fed up with the Developers and Special Interest Agents controlled City Council for the bad state of the economy,schools, loss of jobs including the closure of NUMMI and the general depressed state of the city. Due to the decision of Ishan to run for the City Council, there was lot of enthusiasm for the change for better. He would have win the election.

  3. Fazlur, you sincerely make me laugh. It’s funny because you are right to say Ishan taking the plunge into Fremont’s back alley style politics perked the interest of many who really didn’t give two hoots before. But you’re a hypocrite for saying so confidently that he would have won the election. If you so believed in him why did you declare your candidacy against him?

    Matt zinger doesn’t even deserve an answer. Just click on the link in the above article and you’ll find out.

    Criticism without justification seems to follow this kid around like the plague. Allow me to be the first on here to say good job kid, keep up the good work.

    I’m not too familiar with county policy, could anybody explain what’s the next step after nomination? Who has to approve him?

  4. Thought I would post it twice:


    Sorry in the delay getting back at you on this morning’s comment about my statistic gathering. It was good.
    This is obviously not for you but for those that are not actively trying to promote churches on this place (if you are indeed Dominic Dutra)

    In January 21st-23rd, 2006, David Binder Research conducted a survey. Here are some of the findings:
    72% of Fremont voters want to maintain a permanent buffer around the Coyote Hills Regional Park and limit development of the area as a whole.
    79% of Fremonters wanted to stop the Patterson Ranch development entirely or limit development in front of the Hills in exchange for development away from the Park.
    These results are almost identical to a survey conducted in 2002 in which over 70% of Fremont voters want to limit development of the Ardenwood Ranch site near the Coyote Hills.

    One of the Bay’s last pre-European habitats runs through the ranch and park, according to a 1999 study sponsored by the US EPA and the regional water quality board. “The diked wetlands east of Coyote Hills support the largest remaining willow groves in the baylands ecosystem,” said the Baylands Ecosystem Habitat report. To all of those interested, the churches are planned WEST of Ardenwood.
    As I measure it on Google Earth, it appears to be .15 miles (or 782 feet) from the edge of the Willow Grove.

    Dominic/Marty: Anonymity evidently breeds bravery….when you come clean on who you really are, I will continue this debate.
    Until then, I look forward to the next steps because I, and many like me, are going to fight this until there is NO development West of Ardenwood.

    Have fun – I love reading your stuff and will be sad when the real estate market picks up and you won’t have the time to write as much.

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