Fremont’s next Planning Commissioner?


The man in the middle is Roman Reed. Right now, he’s a Fremont Recreation Commissioner, but Mayor Wasserman has nominated him for the Planning Commission. The council will vote on him Tuesday.

Wasserman has also nominated some rudy pooh jabronie named Stephen Waterhouse for the Recreation Commission.

Matt Artz


  1. Well done Roman. Roman is the man who AB 1795 is named for. When John Dutra was our assemblymember he introduced (and got passed) legislation that did this: “Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act passed in California. As a result, more than $12.5 million in state funds has been awarded to scientists conducting research in spinal cord regeneration. An additional $50 million has been leveraged from outside sources.”


  2. Seems like a good man. East bay kids, take note – you can mimic Roman’s success only when you shed the Raider Nation and befriend the greatness of the Niners.

    BTW refresh my memory, Stephen Waterhouse is the son of the Argus editor?

  3. I don’t know much about Mr. Reed (although I will review the info contained in the link), but I’m skeptical of anyone who is nominated by Da’ Mayor and approved by our current City Council members. Hope Mr. Reed is a good guy, but they’ve appointed so many dopes in the past few years that it’s hard to believe Wasserman would pick anybody who isn’t in line with his “development for my buddies only, the rest of y’all need not apply” beliefs. Perhaps a better, more trustworthy Council after the November election, one that will at least push back against The Mayor and his minions?

  4. You are correct Marty, I am the son of The Argus editor. Used to be the local sports editor. Got laid off in July of 2009.

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