Fremont tries back-in diagonal parking


There’s a parking experiment going on at Capitol Avenue, right outside City Hall.

Last week, the city striped the street with diagonal parking spaces that drivers must back into.

The reason for the diagonal parking is that it accommodates more parked cars. The reason for backing in, instead of of nosing in, is that it makes it safer (and permissible) for the city to install bike lanes on the road. Apparently, it’s also easier for loading stuff into the car. San Francisco and Portland both have this kind of parking space.

The reason for trying this at all is that Fremont still wants the city center to be a high-density urban core someday with lots of street parking and bike lanes. If drivers don’t rebel, the city might install back-in diagonal parking throughout the “Midtown,” “Downtown,” “Central Business District,” area, allowing developers to build tallish new buildings that wouldn’t require as much parking.

The only question is; Does anyone ever park on Capitol Avenue?

photo is courtesy of City of Fremont

Matt Artz

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