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  1. Some one is taking down Vinnie Bacons campaign signs. I understand the passion of local politics, but this is criminal.
    Vinnie is running a grass roots campaign and is not taking any monies from Developers, He is running on a tight budget and the missing signs cost $12.00 a sign.
    The despicable people doing this are lower then dirt.
    People can speak out against a candidate, that is fair,
    but to destroy the campaign signs is not fair.
    What do you think?

  2. Someone is taking down Fazlur Khan’s signs as well. As long as we’re speculating, I’ll submit that it is the anti-Indian contingent swarming the Bacon and McDonald campaigns. Having just been educated on the cost of Bacon’s signs ($12/ea), I estimate that Fazlur’s signs cost about $3, maybe less, which means he’s running on an even tighter budget than the FCN spawn.

    Regardless, these despicable people are lower than the people lower than dirt that Caliguy speaks of. They are subsurface, the roots of grass.

  3. Marty – one of my neighbors with a Bacon sign in his yard is Indian, he doesn’t perceive an “anti-Indian contingent” in Bacon’s campaign. Again you are making stories up that have no basis in truth but which you hope will stick, kind of a Karl Rove wannabe.

  4. No Bruce, I’m just trying to match Caliguy’s anecdote based alarmism. I see nothing but Bacon signs around town. I think you guys are just fine.

    But thanks for the compliment. Considering the current state of things, being called Rovian ain’t that bad.

  5. “Considering the current state of things, being called Rovian ain’t that bad.”

    How about Lee Atwater? He was really good at push polls. Hero material?

  6. Marty: read about some of the lies that Rove made up about his candidates’ opponents. Not the stuff he acknowledges publicly, but lies he spread about people from his own party. Aspiring to emulate Rove is not good for your soul!

  7. Bruce, VOR – The only thing wrong with Rove is that he wasn’t on your side. You would have embraced him as you have David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel or any other borderline criminal bum that Obama is currently advised by.

  8. I made no mention of Rove. My question dealt with Lee Atwater. Just wondered if he was hero material.

  9. Christ, VOR. Are you serious? You were responding to my statement that “being called Rovian ain’t that bad.”

    I guess I’m going to have to deal with some Top-Rahmian tactics from you, considering the current residents of the White House.

  10. VOR – By the way, with regards to heros: My new hero is TCB Poster and Vinnie Bacon/Kathy McDonald supporter Skumar who has not only gotten away with referring to Natarajan as an “anus”, but has also evaded the ire and usual call for civility that is automatic from such upstanding posters such as Fremont Lifer, Bbox, Californiaguy, Niles Baxter and Perry Masonary.

    Also, it didn’t escape me that Vinnie Bacon, who I know is a dedicated lurker to this site has not called foul on this.

  11. Marty: I guess with you on the watch everyone will need to refer to Ms. Nataranjan by her family name to avoid offense.

    Good night….

  12. Marty, are you being paid for this dribble? And Matt, since you probable know who Marty is, I really hope he’s not on the public payroll at work while he takes over this blog site leading up to the election!

  13. Anon, instead of again turning this into a thread about me, why don’t we just ask Skumar what he meant when he wrote Anus’…. I have a hard time believing this was a typo.

  14. Marty, aren’t you being a bit sensitive here? Couldn’t this be a simple misuse of the apostrophe which as I’m sure you know happens pretty frequently on blogs like this one.

    What interests me more are your reasons for admiring both Karl Rove and Anu. Perhaps because she shares his political philosophy? Or his down-and-dirty approach to campaigning? I do remember that Karl didn’t take offense when Bush Jr. nicknamed him “turd blossom”.

  15. Charlotte, I thought the same until I reviewed some of his previous posts. I think Skumar meant what he wrote. And I honestly have no problem with it – referring to her as “Anus” says more about Skumar than anything else.

    I take issue with those mentioned above, who characterize my relatively cogent criticisms of Bacon and McDonald as “attacks”, while leaving this rock unturned.

    BTW, I don’t admire Rove, though I’m not offended to be called Rove-like by a flaming partisan Democrat.

    BTW(2). Charlotte, I know you’re a political junky as well, you may be interested in this: Have you read what Obama’s new appointment to head his economic team wrote about the mortgage markets in 2007? It’s pretty scary how bad this guy pegged reality. And he’s been advising Obama since his senate campaign. Kind of explains how quickly Obama folded to his masters on Wall St. It’s a long read, but here you go.

  16. Marty: flaming away here Democraticly: Maybe the Rove comparison was unfair, since he likes to smear people in secret. Anne Coulter-esque, perhaps? She likes to make stuff up and push it out at top volume, and I have to admit she can be pretty funny.

    Some of your criticism seems to be based in your real view of things, that’s certainly your right.

    I am dinging you for the stuff you make up: claiming that Vinnie’s people are “anti-Indian”, when my Indian buddy introduced me to him. Or that this same group is stealing Fazlur’s signs, when you have no idea who it is. Or that Vinnie would want to close the Niles Flea Market, when he’s said no such thing. Try to restrict your arguments to reality, you certainly have plenty to work with there.

    I’ll read your link about the mortgages, Lord knows that has been an epic fail.

  17. Well Marty I agree with you on the mortgage issue. My personal opinion is that all Federal subsidies for mortgages should end, including the mortgage tax break, and that banks should require a minimum of 20% down on houses. But I’m pretty sure implementing those policies would cause some severe economic dislocations.

    I don’t agree that your criticisms of Bacon and McDonald have all been relatively cogent. Seems to me you’ve done at least your share of puerile name-calling. Didn’t you create a blog featuring a photo of Mr. Bacon saying “I’m in da hillz, peeping all my Nimbyz”? Cogent criticism? I suspect even Karl Rove would say he thinks not.

  18. Fair enough. FYI it was another poster who suggested Bacon would close down the flea market.

    Perhaps it wasn’t as obvious to you the post #2 was purely fiction. “lower than the roots of grass”, come on!

  19. Oops, I conflated your Vinnie aspersions with those from Charlie C, my bad.

  20. Marty, is it a “relatively cogent criticism” to create a web site in which you show a picture of Vinnie that says next to it “I’m n da hillz, peepin all my Nimbyz”?

  21. I wrote about this once before I will post it again.
    Marty baits all of you and a good deal of you fall for it.
    Marty knows how to bait you, that is why Marty (Dom) is a
    Do not respond to him and maybe He will tire of his relentless attacks on Kathy and Vinny.

  22. You’re right Californiaguy, but I can’t resist adding that it is kind of hilarious that Marty implies that it is Vinnie’s job to police this blog to make sure that no one accidentally misplaces an apostrophe! I have a feeling Vinnie is a little bit too busy these days to do that!

  23. Now would be a good time to remind ourselves about the ineffectiveness of current council members in the presence of some pretty obvious inconsistencies.

    Here’s the text of an Argus op-ed that originally ran April 12 of 2007 and which reminds us all that neither Anu nor Bill were on this record as willing to ask the questions that even the Argus editorial staff characterized as “good”.

    Fremont surplus may doom future tax efforts
    Article Last Updated:04/12/2007 07:12:05 AM PDT

    WE SUPPORTED Fremont’s Measure L utility users tax on the November ballot, believing it was necessary to pay for essential services in tough economic times.
    The majority of voters disagreed with us, however. And given the events of the past few months, it’s easy to see why.

    When the $8-million-a-year tax was being pitched in November, city officials were projecting a $1.6 million shortfall for the 2006-07 fiscal year.

    But the following month, after Measure L failed, they announced the city actually would have an $8.2 million surplus.

    In February, the City Council increased City Manager Fred Diaz’s salary by 10 percent to nearly $250,000, and raised City Attorney Harvey Levine’s salary by 5 percent to $232,565.

    Then last month, the surplus was pegged even higher, at $8.7 million, and city officials decided to spend more than a quarter of it by ending the policy of fire station “brownouts” and by hiring 10 firefighters and eight police officers.

    It’s great that our public safety services are being funded better, but it’s also deeply suspicious that the city suddenly became awash with cash so soon after the tax measure failed.

    In the run-up to the November election, opponents of Measure L blamed the city’s problems on poor management, saying that money was being misspent and that increasingly high compensation packages were draining Fremont’s coffers.

    Others went so far as to suggest that city officials had plenty of money stashed away somewhere, or that they were trying to make things look as bad as possible by failing to complete routine maintenance projects until after the election.

    We don’t put much store in conspiracy theories without evidence to support them, but the recent revelations are troubling.

    Even City Councilmember Steve Cho had concerns about the timing of the announcement.

    “Why didn’t we know this earlier? And should we have known this earlier? Why did we go out and propose the utility tax if we did know this?” he asked.

    All good questions.

    Here’s another one: If Measure L had passed, what would city officials have done with the tax revenue after they found out about the surplus?

    Would they have told voters, “Thanks for the support, but because of this good fortune, we’re going to return your money this year?”

    We all know the answer to that one.

    That’s why city officials’ protestations about how difficult it is to estimate revenue these days — “like trying to hit a really good curve ball … in the dark,” said Diaz — are meaningless. The voters don’t care.

    And when it comes to explaining away hefty raises and quarter-million-dollar salaries for public officials — along with generous benefits and retirement packages — the voters really don’t care.

    Fremont residents have rejected two tax measures in three years.

    We hope the city recognizes the futility of proposing any tax measures in the near future.

  24. Jenny, my dear. Vinnie is on this blog like campaign graphics on Kathy McDonald’s red coupe. And his past performance dictates that if someone were to use a derogatory term to describe him, he’d whine so hard baby seal advocates would take up his cause.

    I wouldn’t expect him to come to Anu Natarajan’s defense anyway- because one, I imagine him having no chivalry, and two he is all but assured that the FCN spawn who swarm this blog would do his hypocritical bidding for him.

    Thanks for doing his bidding, “Jenny”.

  25. Neither Bill nor Anu challenged our current policy of “verified response”.. . .

    Anu and Bill must both feel that they know something that the City of Los Angelas doesn’t know.

    It seems that after trying the same “verified response” solution stll in effect in Fremont, the City of Los Angelas determined that this draconian solution was not in the best interestof the community.

    Here’s what they decided to do –

  26. Box, your link is to a 2003 report, in a much different economic time, in a much different city, in a much different environment.

    When we first studied home alarms and instituted a permit and fee on them, there had been more than 13000 responses and only one was a valid burglary, and the burglar was long gone, scared away by the noise. No resonsible manager would continue such a response program.

  27. Marty, why don’t you respond to the apparent discrepancy between your claim to make “cogent criticism” and your defamatory website against Vinnie? You freak out over a misplaced apostrophe when it seems to be directed at Anu, but you have no problem posting a whole web site defaming Vinnie and taking quotes out of context to misrepresent his positions. Where is the consistency, maturity, and civility that you seem to find so lacking in others, “Marty”?

  28. Come on Gus . . . get off the defensive reflex and start thinking.

    There ARE economically advantageous alternatives to the simple denial of residential services but Anu and Bill refuse to (again) ask the difficult questions.

  29. Perhaps somebody can point to an incident where Fremont police could have responded to an alarm and caught the burglars but didn’t. I get the gut instinct part, wanting the police to respond to everything. However, Fremont police run triage on the city much of the time. It’s a BIG city with FEW police. Deal with that first.

  30. Jenny, only a Bacon supporter would regard my two essays “defamatory” relative to calling Nataranan an “anus”. And if you were to read my rational on this very thread you’d learn that my quip is not with Skumar’s post pe se, but rather the blatant hypocrisy coming out of the FCN spawn when it comes to criticism, of which you display with astounding talent.

  31. Marty: I’ve not met the lady myself, but when I meet her I’d prefer to not have had _your_ interpretation hammered into my head so many times. Geez!

  32. Sorry, Jon while we’ll talk that line, all you gotta do is take a look around and see what OTHER tasks we’re busy performing .

    Quickly, the reality belies the claims, but, you gotta get out and about and see for yourself.

    And our good buddies Anu and Bill are quietly goin’ along . . . to get along . . . dishing out the raises because times are so good that you gotta pay more in a market when so few qualified people are willing to do a job (?!) but, at the same time, cuttin’ back on services.

    See – for me, there are some pretty significant disconnects these incumbants can lay claim to and, over time, they keep poppin’ up . . . and each time they do, there’s no answer to the question , cuz there’s no questions being asked . . . . and eventually, enough time passes that Gus can lay claim to the “…that was a different time…” excuse.

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