Fremont Police investigating Ohlone incident

From the Ohlone Police Chief:


This is to inform you that a serious crime occurred on the Fremont campus on 13 September 2010 at approximately 1750 hours (5:50 pm) in parking lot D.

An Asian female student walked to her vehicle that was parked in Lot D and entered the vehicle. A young male that she had seen in parking lot C approached her passenger side of the vehicle and said something to her that was unintelligible as she was getting ready to back her vehicle out.

She rolled down the passenger window to hear the male. He reached into the vehicle, unlocked the door, and sat down in the front passenger seat. The male then displayed a kitchen knife and asked the female several questions.

The female student answered the questions and informed the male that her English was not very good. Another male and a female got into the rear seat of the vehicle. The second male and female had been with first male in Lot C. The female student was told to get into the back seat and she complied.

She offered her purse but it was tossed aside.

The female student tried to escape and she was grabbed by the first male and someone else grabbed her hair. The female student began to scream for help and several students and a staff member started towards her vehicle.

The two black males and black female exited the victim’s vehicle and ran in a westerly direction towards Mission Blvd.  They lost sight of the males and female as they ran into the field area.

Campus Police was notified and an officer responded. Upon determining what had occurred, the officer contacted Fremont P.D. at 7:05 pm and a Fremont P.D. officer arrived on campus at approximately 9:45 pm to take a police report.

 The female student suffered a bruise to the right upper arm but is otherwise uninjured.

 Because of the nature of the crime, the Fremont Police Department will conduct all follow-up investigations and inquiries.

 Campus Police will check the campus for any possible suspects and assist the Fremont Police with the investigation.

 Steve Osawa
Campus Police Services, Safety and Security

Matt Artz


  1. Ohlone students were notified this morning via email from administration. I really hope the student is alright. She must be pretty shook up…

  2. Not sure if the police would agree, but an abductor is only going to get more comfortable and emboldened as an abduction ensues. I think one’s best chance at survival is to risk it all at the point if contact, and avoid being driven to another location. Take advantage of the criminal’s lack of investment in the crime.

  3. I think the only non-county or city police forces in the BA are the EBRPD cops and Bart cops. I too am disturbed that FPD took so long.

  4. From the Ohlone College website:

    “The Ohlone Community College District Campus Police Services (CPS), including Safety and Security, is a Peace Officers Standards and Training accredited police department established by Board of Trustees Resolution 63-74-75. The College is committed to full implementation of the Student Right to Know and Campus Safety Act of 1990. The CPS Office consists of a Chief of Police, police officers, safety officers, office assistants, and dispatchers.”

  5. While I’m not a cop, but here’s my understanding: There were probably other calls where crimes were in progress or people were in danger at the moment. The police will deal with those first before going to someone who already escaped danger and wanted to file a report. The call still goes out to look for suspects as described, and officers do so as possible. This seems pretty reasonable to me, though certainly the victim must have been understandably unhappy about waiting.

  6. I disagree Jon. I think this was a rape or kidnapping in progress. The three perps are a huge danger to the area. What you are proposing is not unlike a murder being reported, and the cops delaying a few hours because the victim is already dead.

    I want to live in a community where people like this are hunted down. Hopefully the reason for the FPD delay is a capable Campus police force. But I have my doubts they’re even armed.

  7. Marty they are armed. I have seen cars pulled over and passengers pulled out and cars searched.

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