Arrests made in Ohlone incident

Note: I’m told the Ohlone Police Department is comprised of two officers and a few more security guards. None of them are armed. But the chief says they nabbed one of the guys connected to Tuesday’s incident and that he confessed  and gave up his pals. For more, click where it says to click:

Hello Everyone,


Campus Police is pleased to announce some good news concerning the attempted kidnapping that occurred on Monday, September 13th:


On Wednesday, September 15th, Officer Ben Peralta observed a male near Hyman Hall that matched the description of one of the suspects involved in the offense. Officer Peralta and several other officers contacted the male and detained the male for investigative purposes. 2 investigators from the Fremont Police Department were on campus and had the victim and an in-field show-up was conducted. The victim positively identified the male as one of the suspects. The male was arrested and transported to the Fremont Police Department. The investigators interviewed the suspect. He confessed to having committed the crime and also identified the other 2 suspects who were with him.


This has resulted in the clearance of this crime and the suspects will be subject to the criminal justice system process.


Officers James Keogh and Gweneth Murphy are to be commended for their investigative work and providing crucial information that assisted Officer Peralta in identifying and spotting the suspect. Officer Peralta is to be commended for his alertness and quick response to the situation.


Steve Osawa


Campus Police Services, Safety and Security

Matt Artz


  1. FYI – Chief Steve Osawa is a retired Fremont police sergeant who was the department martial arts specialist. He doesn’t need to be armed. A nice, quiet man, but watch out!

  2. I did not write any facts, I provided a link to contact information.

  3. Andrew, sorry if I mistook your posts to mean something else. But it appeared to me you were claiming that I was making stuff up, while you were armed with the facts. I was trying to not be argumentative, but I was pretty sure I was right (and I was).

  4. Kudos to the officers who nabbed this guy and his accomplices, and to the young lady who fought back!

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