The Alameda County Democratic Central Committee Endorses

For Fremont City Council (two seats):
Bill Harrision
Anu Natarajan

For Fremont School Board (two seats):
Lara York

Fremont Schools Parcel Tax:

Ohlone Facilities Bond:

Parachuting Glenn Beck into Waziristan:

Ohlone College Board of Trustees (Fremont, two seats)
Jan Giovannini-Hill

The Ohlone endorsement interesting. More on it below …

Matt Artz


  1. Anus’ campaign signs are everywhere in Fremont now including one placed at the controversial Warm Springs A’s stadium site. It’s a good reminder of whose interest Anu will look after.

  2. Screw Major League Baseball…vote for Vinnie Bacon and make sure that lemon orchard Fremont so desperately needs gets planted!

  3. Dear friends,
    On Monday, September 20, 2010 the League of Women Voters are hosting a Fremont City Council Candidates live telecast debate at City Council Hall at 3300 Capital Ave. Please come as the employers of the Council members at 6.30 and meet the candidates.
    Pl come prepared with your questions.
    This election will decide the future of Fremont whether the candidates of the people are going to win the election or the employees/agents of land mafia, developer and special interest are going to win to grab the best golden lots of NUMMI area land and long strip of land of Ohlone College on Mission Blvd. A candidate represnting a chemical corporation, which claims to produce GREEN and Environmentally friendly Products with LEMON.

    VICTORY TO PEOPLE. http://www.FazlurKhan.com

  4. I’m shocked that the baconites aren’t all up in arms over this. The answer to our problems comes from fighting these garbage party nominations. Notice that all the incumbency is party backed (except yee). Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Democrat but the local party seems to have gone off the deep end with its monopolized control of power. Yes men (and women) only, eh? Yee dared to challenge and they snuffed him out. Bacon dared to challenge, they’ll extinguish him as well.

  5. Lemons, Lemons, Lemonade! Fremont first?? Well… I hate to say it but Fremont is currently in dead last thanks to the Khans, Bacons and McDonalds of the world. By the way is that an Athletics baseball cap Khan is wearing on his web site? POWER TO THE CORRECT PEOPLE!

  6. Charlie,
    My friend come on 20th to the City Council and meet me.
    You will find what is written on my cap. If you can’t make it, here it is ” GO GREEN ” a movement to make Fremont ” GREEN VALLEY ” a Valley like Silicon Valley.

    You want to make petty thieves of my Election Signs as Council Members. Hope to see you on Monday, to ask a question to the candidates.

    VICTORY TO PEOPLE. http://www.FazlurKhan.com

  7. The CDC backing Bill Harrison suprised me. I want to ask all of you, what has Bill Harrison done in the four years he has been on the council, nada unless you count seconding Mayor Wassermans Motions!
    The CDC has lost all credibility in a lot of peoples eyes. The CDC is promoting people to register as Independents. Bill Harrison is a nice guy, but He is just a impotent political hack.

  8. Now would be a good time to remind ourselves about the ineffectiveness of current council members in the presence of some pretty obvious inconsistencies.

    Here’s the text of an Argus op-ed that originally ran April 12 of 2007 and which reminds us all that neither Anu nor Bill were on this record as willing to ask the questions that even the Argus editorial staff characterized as “good”.

    Fremont surplus may doom future tax efforts
    Article Last Updated:04/12/2007 07:12:05 AM PDT

    WE SUPPORTED Fremont’s Measure L utility users tax on the November ballot, believing it was necessary to pay for essential services in tough economic times.
    The majority of voters disagreed with us, however. And given the events of the past few months, it’s easy to see why.

    When the $8-million-a-year tax was being pitched in November, city officials were projecting a $1.6 million shortfall for the 2006-07 fiscal year.

    But the following month, after Measure L failed, they announced the city actually would have an $8.2 million surplus.

    In February, the City Council increased City Manager Fred Diaz’s salary by 10 percent to nearly $250,000, and raised City Attorney Harvey Levine’s salary by 5 percent to $232,565.

    Then last month, the surplus was pegged even higher, at $8.7 million, and city officials decided to spend more than a quarter of it by ending the policy of fire station “brownouts” and by hiring 10 firefighters and eight police officers.

    It’s great that our public safety services are being funded better, but it’s also deeply suspicious that the city suddenly became awash with cash so soon after the tax measure failed.

    In the run-up to the November election, opponents of Measure L blamed the city’s problems on poor management, saying that money was being misspent and that increasingly high compensation packages were draining Fremont’s coffers.

    Others went so far as to suggest that city officials had plenty of money stashed away somewhere, or that they were trying to make things look as bad as possible by failing to complete routine maintenance projects until after the election.

    We don’t put much store in conspiracy theories without evidence to support them, but the recent revelations are troubling.

    Even City Councilmember Steve Cho had concerns about the timing of the announcement.

    “Why didn’t we know this earlier? And should we have known this earlier? Why did we go out and propose the utility tax if we did know this?” he asked.

    All good questions.

    Here’s another one: If Measure L had passed, what would city officials have done with the tax revenue after they found out about the surplus?

    Would they have told voters, “Thanks for the support, but because of this good fortune, we’re going to return your money this year?”

    We all know the answer to that one.

    That’s why city officials’ protestations about how difficult it is to estimate revenue these days — “like trying to hit a really good curve ball … in the dark,” said Diaz — are meaningless. The voters don’t care.

    And when it comes to explaining away hefty raises and quarter-million-dollar salaries for public officials — along with generous benefits and retirement packages — the voters really don’t care.

    Fremont residents have rejected two tax measures in three years.

    We hope the city recognizes the futility of proposing any tax measures in the near future.

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