The Globe is dead, long live The Globe

Argus readers know my obsession with The Globe shopping center, the mostly vacant complex on Stevenson Boulevard just west of I-880 once billed as Fremont’s Epcot Center.

Phase I was supposed to be some sort of Little Saigon/Asian marketplace, but the economy tanked, the developer didn’t want to deviate from his unique vision, and nearly all the storefronts stayed vacant.

I talked to a gent today who’s interested in opening a sports bar there. I asked if an Asian-themed sports bar could be successful. Is there really a market for televised kick-boxing, ping pong, and high stakes Mah Jongg?

He replied that the owner said it didn’t have to be Asian themed.

So it looks like The Globe is just another strip mall, only with more vacancies.

Matt Artz


  1. Actually,VOR, I played a little ping pong today at the Fremont Senior Center. Happy to report that I vanquished a far more experienced opponent.

  2. You need to contact the developer. After the The Globe website is dead for few years, the website is now live again. The website said, “Please visit us very shortly as our website will be completely redesign to better serve all of your shopping, entertainment, and leasing needs.”


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