Three Democrats, two seats, one endorsement

As written above, the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee decided to endorse Jan Giovannini-Hill for the two open Fremont seats on the Ohlone College Board of Trustees. That means they  snubbed Garrett Yee and Ishan Shah.

Shah not getting the endorsement is no surprise. Giovannini-Hill has been an active member of the party since Ishan was knee high to grasshopper.

But Yee is an incumbent, and when the three candidates went to before the committee’s 13-member screening  committee, Yee was the only one to get unanimous support. That meant his endorsement was supposed to sail through on consent at the committee’s Sept. 11 meeting.

But any committee member can remove a candidate from the consent list, and before the Sept. 11 meeting Trisha Tahmasbi, who who works for outgoing Assembly Majority Leader Alberto Torrico, D-Newark, removed Yee from the consent calender.

Yee didn’t attend the Sept. 11 meeting, while Shah and Giovannini-Hill did attend and fielded questions. In the end, Yee couldn’t muster the 60 percent of votes needed for the endorsement.

Tahmasbi works for Torrico, who shares a law office with Fremont Coucnilmember Bob Wieckowski, who Yee challenged and lost to in June’s Democratic primary to replace Torrico in the Assembly.

Wieckowski, who has endorsed Yee for Ohlone College Trustee, didn’t attend the endorsement meeting.

The folks I’ve spoken to assume that Tahmasbi pulled Yee’s name off consent as payback for Yee challenging Wieckowski in the Assembly primary.

I emailed Tahmasbi about this yesterday, but haven’t gotten a reply.

Matt Artz


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