Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

Officer Todd Young continues to recover and is slowly being drawn out of his chemically induced coma.  Doctors are optimistic that in time he will be able to make a full recovery.  Todd remains in ICU with no further operations scheduled.

Here are a few more rushed tidbits.

Jill Keimach, who has headed Fremont’s Planning Department for several years is leaving to be the city manager in Moraga. Her departure follows the departure last month of Deputy City Manager Melissa Dile, who took a similar job in Mountain View.

Some bastard or bastards ransacked the garden at Azevada Elementary School late Wednesday, hurling pumpkins at the school and repeatedly stabbing one gourd that was too big to lift. They also chucked a lot of tomatoes from the garden at the school. I’m hoping to have  time to post a photo of the punctured pumpkin, but sundown is fast approaching.

What else?

Several Fremont natives have a surf band and played at the Great American Music Hall in SF recently:


And, the City of Fremont earned kudos for its website.

Matt Artz